Saturday, August 30, 2008

You Buddy beauty!!

Today has been a most excellent Saturday!!!

The Boy and I spent the day with friends, starting out what will hopefully be a bumper load of seedlings for our gardens (more about that later), and then dinner at a local 'footy' club, where we enjoyed the spectacle that is a player scoring 100 AFL goals in a season (and for the first time in 10 years!).

Lance 'Buddy' Franklin plays for my favourite team - the Hawks - and has been pretty instrumental in their success this year (despite the fact that some days he couldn't hit a barn door with a bowl of rice, let alone get that little ball through the sticks from 50 metres!!!)

It was so exciting - even just watching on TV with a crowd.

I can't even imagine what it would have been like to be AT the game, but you can get an idea from the video that it would be pretty nuts (like, thousands of people rushing over the fence onto the ground nuts).

My boys finished off with a big win, Carlton's 'Fev' finished on 99 goals, so there was excitement all round.

Now, on to the finals!!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Ok, so I borrowed this and bought some of this, now I have a very nearly uncontrollable urge to buy a full range of Bendy cotton so that I can knit up 47 sets of these bibs, in every adorable colour combo.
With blanket stitch, crochet edgings, darling embroidery, cute buttons and applique.
And matching burp cloths.

Is that so weird?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Garden Path

The lovely weekend weather gave me the opportunity to take some more outsidey photos here at home this weekend.

In fact, my photography adventures even extended as far as down the side of the house, where we haven't really had cause to go with the weather being so outside-unfriendly since we moved in.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I was kind of surprised (pleasantly so, but surprised) to discover this gorgeous scene in my own garden! - I mean, I knew there was a path along the side of the house, but I thought it was far more utilitarian!

Just look at that!

Two big terracotta pots holding climbing roses, which look to me as though they'll bloom a beautiful pink over the arch come flowering time.

I have a bit of cutting back, or dead-heading at the least, to do, and I feel a bit guilty, but the neglect doesn't appear to have caused too much damage - look at those tiny new green leaves!

I wouldn't mind planting something colourful at their feet in those pots.
It's a fairly shady, and possibly dampish, spot - does anyone have any suggestions?

In news other than the outside gardeny sort, the squirrels are done!
I cast off on Thursday morning - hurrah!!
I'm not going to do an FO post yet - they're a present (not a secret one, but a pressie none the less =)), and I want to gift them before I show them to the world.

Yesterday I cast on another baby cardy - a lovely little top down, no seam (!!) cardie with eyelet-y lacey kind of patterns. Very cute!
This little guy is keeping me busy as far as bus knitting, and of course as a side to my encrusted mousse at SnB last night.

I've been having an excellent social knitty week, actually, as well as SnB I have had bus knitting company and a catch up lunch with someone I haven't seen for ages =)
And it's only Wednesday =D


Sunday, August 24, 2008


Mmm, it has been a gorgeous sunny weekend in Canberra!

I think if this weather keeps up we may need to make an excursion to a nursery next weekend - I'd love to get some vegies growing in the green-house, and there are a few spots in the garden that could use some potted colour, and I'd like to pop some lavender and herbs in a few sports to see what works out too.

These guys on the left (can anyone tell me what they are?) are the latest new arrivals to pop up in our garden.

Well, along with that little grey furry goomer there.

He's Not Our Cat - we think he must have just moved into the neighbourhood, since we hadn't seen him before Saturday, and then he spent all of Sunday in our yard, helping me hang out washing, climbing, pouncing and rolling in the dirt.

Lucky for him he's cute =)


Saturday, August 23, 2008


This week my order from the Fox Collection arrived, and with it their catalogue.
Online I had only looked at the cross stitch kits, but flicking through the paper catalogue I was inspired by this - polar fleece baby blanket with felt jungle animal applique - and decided to have a go myself.

I popped into Lincraft after work on Friday, all ready to pick out some fabric, only to discover they didn't have a single roll of polar fleece! =(

Spotlight, however, was a grand success (though they close at 4pm Saturdays - for some reason I thought it was 5pm).
The biggest problem I had was trying to choose which fleece to get - I was expecting a couple of plain colours, but oh, all the prints too!!!

I grabbed a variety of flannels (some print, some plain) too - I'm planning to back the fleece with flannel (or vice versa, I guess, depending on how you look at it!)

I have to admit I did get a bit of the Spotlight attitude too - like I was ruining their day by asking to have so much fabric cut - but then, that's why I make just a couple of big trips out there each year.

So, the rest of the week-end I'm looking forward to some applique, to prepare my fleece 'quilts' for sewing on the machine next week.

And I'm hoping to get a good start going on the cross stitch that arrived from the Fox Collection - it's a gift with a deadline (and I think we all know how good I am with a deadline!) =)


ps. How good was the pole vault?? I don't know how they fling themselves up and through the air like that - it just looks like an accident waiting to happen, really !!(the phrase 'all fun and games til someone loses an eye' comes to mind... maybe that's more an issue in the javelin?)

Friday, August 22, 2008

FO: Bonehead scarf

I'm going to 'cheat' a bit tonight and post something I finished a little while ago, but haven't shown off yet...

It's the So Called Broomhead Scarf!! =)

Pattern: My So Called Scarf(rav link)

Source: ImagiKnit

Yarn: Lincraft Veronica - two balls

Needles: 7mm (straights. who knits on straights these days anyway hehe)

Modifications: Nope

Comments: Once I stopped being completely confused by the stitch pattern this was easy peasy.

I think I linked last time to two you-tube vids (here and here) which are a big help to watch if you can't quite visualise what's happening with the stitch.

The fabric is gorgeous and thick - exactly how I was hoping it would turn out - and the length is perfect - just enough to wrap twice and tuck in to my jacket. It is also deliciously warm - which has been handy with the cold mornings we've been having the past two weeks or so.


It's been a funny end of the week - lots of training at work, which equals aways from desk and computer, and is also somewhat exhausting.

Tonight we've been out for dinner and to watch the footy - we haven't been getting the Friday night games on account of the Olympics being on the footy channel - and now we're settling in to watch the pole vault.

Tomorrow we're planning to make the trek out to Spotlight (eeek) - wish us luck!!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sunny share

I thought it was only right to take Sonny Jim-boy for a night out at our latest SnB venue last night. We shared a glass or two of wine and, to be honest, we had a lovely time (even if they were out of chips!!)

As you can see, Sonny Jim is just the perfect size for a mitteny project, and, I have to say, drew lots of admiration from my colleagues - I think everyone on my floor at work wants one now! And some lady who was in the lift with me too!

This shot was taken when I was halfway through the second thumb, before I grafted it on the bus this morning!!!!! Ooooh yes, the squirrel battle is ov-ah! hehe
(ok, well, just the weaving in to do)

Despite how it may sounds, I really have enjoyed knitting these guys - I just haven't enjoyed that it has taken so long. And that is completely my fault - nothing to do with the pattern or actual project.
I love these mittens, and I hope my mum will love them too! =)


(so, the big question is, what's next?? Do I tackle something else from my Ravelypics list, or something fresh and new??)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

what makes an SnB?

Tonight's ol/ravelympic update is interrupted for something a bit more philosophical (no, it's not Veronica Mars) and perhaps even controversial (no, it has nothing to do with Dawn being the key. Athough, that was always kind of weird...).

An article titled Children's knitting group turfed from library under new craft ban has caused a bit of a stir across the web today (and in 'real life' too, apparently).

I don't want to get into the arguments about this particular issue (I don't want to get into any arguments, actually!), but it got me thinking (just thinking - not judging, not even saying, just thinking) about the way community groups are defined - that is, what makes an SnB?

Is it a knitting group every time two or more people are together to knit?

The issue has been kind of touched on with Canberra Stitch'n'Bitch recently with our search for a venue to replace civic Starbucks.

The library was floated as an option - that is, until we discovered we would have to have $1 million in public liability insurance!

What if a couple of us met there to craft? (not suggesting we should try to get around it - just hypotheticals...)

When are we SnB, and when are just a bunch of people knitting together?

This in turn begs perhaps an even stickier SnB-related question, when are we knitting friends and when are we friends knitting together?

As an adult it can be really hard to meet people outside of work (and perhaps parents of other children, if you have your own) and I know for many organised community groups are a great way to fill this 'social hole'.

It is an undeniable fact of life that you'll get along better with some people than with others - and there's nothing wrong with that. It doesn't necessarily mean that you don't like someone (though you might not).
You're not being mean, or exclusive, you just get along with others better, perhaps you have everything in common.

Is it unreasonable to think that knitting friends from SnB might become great friends outside of SnB, making the transition from getting together to knit to knitting when they get together? I don't think so.

And if you meet through an organised group, do you then have an obligation to the group?

There are no knitting police (knitted police yes, but, in so far as I know, no knitting police), are there craft group police?

I'm telling you, there are more shades of grey here than the latest bendy shade cards have shades of purple!

ps. flowers from our kitchen and garden for light relief ;o)

Monday, August 18, 2008

not doping, just dopey

This weekend my Ravelympic campaign was dealt a cruel blow.
There was no injury, just stupidity (on my part, I'm embarrassed to say).

See, I planned my team so carefully.
Three competitors, in two events, and a variety of weights.

To warm up I would wrestle the squirrels and LVish mittens, my reward would be victory in the mitten medley with herringbone mittens for myself.

Three projects, three weeks.
Perfect. (Hmmm. Maybe I should enter another project, for when those were finished?)

So, hands up who sees where I went wrong?
3 weeks = 21 days.
Olympics = 16 days.(How on earth did I miss that??)

Now we're... how many days in? Oh, 10.
And those bloody squirrel bastards still have me pinned to the mat.

Tonight I'd love to see some of the show-jumping - the Aussies are into the team final - but so far Matty White has made no mention, so I won't be holding my breath.
More gymnastics apparatus finals, though - the bars are pretty cool for men and women, and the rings - amazing!

Then there's "Lightning" Bolt in action again, and perhaps some more track cycling (wow, those Poms can fly!)

Speaking of enjoying, my bread rolls baked up deliciously!
Even better than the loaf, I think.
We had some with our soup last night, and then in our lunch boxes today.

The dough for these babies was the other half of what I used for the loaf - so it had sat on the bench for the day Saturday, then in the fridge overnight, pulled it back out Sunday lunchtime, then shaped into 6 rolls and baked for dinner.
I'm not sure how long the rolls took - but it was probably a bit less than the loaf.

Next weekend I think I'll try a half batch (just 'cos the full is too much for the two of us) perhaps with some grains/wholemeal/something =)
mmmmm delish!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thumb wrestle

At SnB the other night (Monday, to be precise. First Tilleys night - fabulous) George commented on the fact that I had knit the 'body' of both squirrely mittens before starting either thumb, and that she always had to do a full mitten at a time - having one completely done before starting the next is a kind of reward.

Thing is, I hate thumbs.
There, said it.
Mostly on account of I despise picking up stitches - from anywhere.
Doesn't matter if it's from a cast-on edge, or up the side of a knitted piece, it just makes me shudder.

Consequently I avoid it like one might avoid the plague.
Or the food court at the mall during school holidays.

I knit and knit on the body of one mitten then the next trying to ignore the fact that eventually I will have to knit those thumbs in.
Then, when I finally can't put it off any more, I knit very grudgingly cursing every stitch of what should really be the quickest part of the mitt-knit.
And those are the times that I wish I knit socks instead.

This weekend it was time wrestle the demon thumbs.

Would you believe I still only finished one??
I swear it's not just my thumb aversion holding me back.

I blame the male gymnasts for one - who could look away from those guys as they swing and flip and twirl on and off of the apparatus?

And even the football had me too enthralled to concentrate on (or even glance at) my knitting. (Olympic football, that is. Not AFL. I know nothing about AFL this week... was there a game on?)

We're taping anything after 11(ish) in an attempt to combat the sleep deprivation. (Mind you, we have a TV in our room, so anything mildly interesting is bound to keep me watching and awake regardless.)
Then we can fast forward through for what we're interested in (Mostly equestrian and gymnastics. And weight-lifting - LOVE the weight-lifting!) the next day.

Anyway, thumbs.
These squirrely mittens are so almost finished - once I knock-over this second thumb I just have to sew up the cuff and weave in the ends and they're done =)

Now, if I can just keep my eyes off the pommel final then we might get somewhere...


Saturday, August 16, 2008


I've been keen on the idea of bread baking for a while now, particularly after seeing the great results coming out of the kitchens of my friends =)
I have dabbled before, but on Friday a friend pointed me towards the fabulous Chickpea studios, and when I saw the gorgeous homebaked bread there, I knew I had to have a go this weekend.

I dug up a recipe Quilting Mick linked to a while ago for no-knead bread.

I don't really know much about if/why its better than regular plain flour, but I picked up some bakers flour at the supermarket anyway.
This recipe uses 1kg of flour, and makes two loaves.

After mixing the flour, yeast (I have a tin which I keep in the freezer) and salt together you tip in nearly a litre of water - it makes a really wet sticky dough.

Once it's all mixed together cover with glad wrap and leave to rise.
The recipe puts it in the fridge overnight, but I just left it on the bench for a couple of hours (about 6 I think)
It bubbled up really nicely, at least doubled in size,

and looked rather monstrous as I tipped it out onto a floured bench.

eeek a dough monster is taking over the kitchen

Shape the dough into a bread-like shape, and shove it into a cold oven set to 220C (I like that not only do you not have to wait for the dough to rise - apart from overnight - but you don't have to preheat the oven either)

It ready if it sounds hollow when tapped on the bottom - about 45min

And the true test - how does it hold up to a bit of Vegemite?

what? how would you test your bread for tastiness, if not with Vegemite?

This was delish warm, and possibly even better after it had cooled - I usually find my breads are great warm, but ordinary cold so this was a great improvement.

Being that there are only the two of us, two loaves of fresh bread at a time is a bit much, so I just baked half and popped the rest back in the fridge - I'll bring it to room temperature (as per the recipe) and bake some rolls to have with our soup tomorrow night.

Not sure how it will work out, but will let you know =)

I've nearly beaten the squirrels - I'll update on that tomorrow.

Now I'm off to put on my Dutch hat and cheer on the guys in the football =)


Friday, August 15, 2008

Spot the difference

Wow what a game!
The Danes trailed the whole game, took the lead with seconds to go, Russia equalised and then Denmark won with a shot after the siren!!
I nearly had a hearty!

As we watched the handball last night, this guy seemed to look more and more familiar.... do you recognise him??

How about now?


(one of those men is Ulrik Wilbek, Danish handball coach, the other is Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia. Could you tell them apart? ;o))

Thursday, August 14, 2008

sheesh - that red!

Oh, see what I mean about about the red?!!??

Bec made me laugh with her comment on my last post about whether squirrels are good wrestlers!
(I reckon they would be - terrifying creatures that they are!)

Actually, we saw a real live (well, living-dead) zombie squirrel in London - at a pet cemetery near Hyde Park...
It stood there amongst the pet graves, perfectly still, staring at us.
Very creepy! =s

Anyway, my demon squirrel mittens are coming along great guns - I'll cast-off the body of the second mitten tonight - then just the thumbs to go!

Tonight we're enjoying SBS coverage of the Danish men's handball team.

We're keeping an eye out in the stands for Fred and Mary - I saw the prince and his brother at the handball at the Sydney Olympics, where the Danish women won the gold.

The Boy and I were discussing the handball during the opening ceremony last week - the fact that the Chinese team is so huge is partly because, as the host nation, they automatically qualify for everything.

We were wondering how countries manage to put together a team for sports they don't traditionally play - for example Australia fielded handball teams in Sydney (not good teams, but teams none the less!).

Then, looking for info about equestrian at the 2012 games, I came across this.

The official 2012 site reads: If you are between 16 and 25, and more than 5'11'' tall for girls or 6'3'' for boys, you could be part of Team GB in Handball. Find out about one of the UK's fastest growing sports. ... that's how team GB are doing it! ;o)

Now, I have squirrels to wrestle..... enjoy your handball =)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Kingdom for a Horse

Ooooh, I'm excited about the equestrian tonight - I love watching the eventing and so far have only seen some snippets of dressage and missed the cross country yesterday (pesky work!), so was very excited to see that the show jumping is scheduled for later tonight (there are pretty good detailed day-by-day schedules on the abc website, and also the official olympic site.)

I was part of the medal ceremony for the team eventing at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

Tonight, as I'm glued to the screen waiting for glimpses of the ponies from Hong Kong I'll be wrestling one of my most famous WIPs - the Demon Mittens.

Bells is right - red is really impossible to photograph! - does anyone know why?

I think these are a particularly appropriate project tonight, since they are for my mum, and it is from my mum that I inherited my love of all things equine.
One word, mum: Greenwich Park London 2012!


ps Thanks for all your kind comments on my cupcake choc tutorial =) It's such a simple trick, but, like I said, so impressive. Just don't tell, ok? ;o)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

nappy cake?

Ewwwww, sounds gross, hey? ;o)

Apparently you can't have a baby shower without one (the innernets told me so - mostly US sites selling very expensive 'diaper cakes'!).

With the help of some handy tips and a real live example (both courtesy of Twitchy Fingers) here's the 'cake' I put together for J-Mo's baby shower:

I popped in some baby scissors and nail clippers, lotion and nappy bags, as well as some choccies for mum. I think it turned out pretty cute - though the pic is a bit daggy =)

If you're looking for a baby gift, and you're inspired by the nappy cake idea, check out some of these babies (many of which are way cooler than mine) and there are lots of how-tos out there too =)

Seriously, Nappy cakes??! What will people think of next?

Saturday, August 09, 2008

shower of cakes

See those cute bottles and baby suits on top of my baby shower cupcakes? They're made from white chocolate, and I made them myself - easy peasy!

Since I'm a baby shower cupcake machine today, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share my favourite cupcake decoratey trade secret with you.
This little trick is very handy - you can make any simple motif, and people will be super impressed!
And, even better, you probably have just about everything you need at home already (perhaps with the exception of chocolate - I know it never really lasts long around here!)

The first think to do is find images you want to use. I usually do a google image search. For my baby cakes I searched for baby bottle drawings, then rattles, suits etc. Look for really simple outline kind of pictures. I spend a bit of time clicking around, and copy and paste anything that takes my fancy to a powerpoint slide (I find that's the easiest format for me to manipulate the pictures later)

Once I have a couple of motifs I really like then I copy and paste them all over a slide/page. Do as many as will comfortably fit on a page - the idea here is quantity for quality - the more you make the better they'll get, and the more you'll have to choose from when you're done! =)
Print out your template page and you're ready to go!

Here's my template:

Now, tear off a piece of baking paper and put it over the top.You'll be able to see right through it to trace the shapes as you pipe the chocolate, and once the chocolate sets it will be easy to peel off.

Melt the chocolate, and colour if you need. I use regular food dye from the supermarket. It works fine, but you need to remember to use it carefully since it's water based - and we all know chocolate and water aren't friends - so use as little as possible.

Once the chocolate's ready (let it cool a teeny bit, but not set) it's time to reveal the high-tech piping apparatus.
I spoon the chocolate straight into a plastic sandwich bag (90 cents for about a zillion at the supermarket) and snip off a tiny corner (as small as you can) or stab it with a tooth pick.
Instant fancy piping!

Depending on how warm your chocolate is, and how big the hole in your bag, you might need to squeeze a little bit - have a play and see what works for you.
The warmth of your hand should help keep the chocolate melty for a bit, but eventually you'll probably need to reheat the chocolate and start again with a new bag =)

I like to go colour by colour across my template. Places where you just need one colour - like the onsie suits here - by the time you get the next colour out the first will probably be set so you can scoot it over and use the template again.
When the chocolate is set it will slip easily off the paper.
If you're using two or more colours (like these bottles) make sure you have enough overlap between the two to hold the whole thing together:

I added some fancy sprinkles to mine too - hearts, flowers, stars and teddy bears =)
And then they're ready to be popped on top of your favourite cupcake creation!

Like I said, I make lots so that I can pick out the best ones - the ones that don't look as good still taste as nice! ;0)

I used this technique for my Tour de France bike cuppies, snowflakes and for my spring carnival ponies, and I'm sure there'll be many more!

Happy cupcaking!
If you try your hand at some chocolate cuppy art I'd love to see your results!=)

Friday, August 08, 2008


Chez Kuka we celebrated the opening of the Olympics with a tasty Chinese feast

Chicken wonton soup and mu shu pork (because it sounds funny) - clicky-click for the (approximate) recipes!

Take a closer look at that soup - it was delish!

We've wontoned before - and also used the wrappers for home-made ravioli - it's a lot of fun and for fairly little effort you get something that comes out kind of impressive =)

Of course, fellow Ravsters will know tonight also marks the opening of the Ravelympics!

I've signed up for two events: the WIP (work in progress) wrestling - to wrap up a couple of unfinished projects I've had hanging around - and the mitten medley - I'm making me some of these babies!

Speaking of babies, we're baby-showering J-Mo on Sunday - I'm chief in charge of catering so I should have something exciting (well, I hope) and possibly cupcakey to share from my kitchen tomorrow!

Let the games begin!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Sonny Jim

Look what I've got!!!

My very own SunnyBoy pouch!!

With Matryoshkas!!!

I know you're jealous, but don't worry - the word on the street is that QM is restocking the shop tomorrow (Friday)... be quick if you don't wanna miss out ;o)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

up in the air

Have you heard?
The Australian Government is reviewing security policies for aviation in Australia.

A consultation paper has been released, which has an overview of the issues for review - of particular interest to the crafty community might be Issue ‘6.1 Purpose of screening’ subsection ‘Should the list of prohibited items be rationalised?’ (pages 12 and 13)

If you'd like to voice your views on the prohibition of knitting needles/ crochet hooks on flights in Australia, submissions can be made to the Screening Review Advisory Group. Submissions close in September.

A response letter can be found here, which you can personalise or print, sign and submit as is.

Here's hoping we get our yarny air time back! =)

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sons of the Mighty West

Well, it's safe to say the weather today did not disappoint!
We sat on the sunny side of the ground, and it was a beautiful clear blue sky day - gorgeous and warm in the sun (I can imagine it was a completely different story on the other side, in the shade, since we recorded a high of just 12.8C!)

(eeek these photos are teeny tiny - click if you wanna see them bigger, and pop over to flickr if you wanna see more =))

The score also didn't disappoint. We're so used to seeing Sydney give their opponents an absolute flogging in any game at Manuka, that it was very refreshing to see the Bulldogs triumph (although, we couldn't actually see that much - we were at the non-scoring end...)

(Brad the smiling assassin Johnson slots through the first for the doggies)

Today was the last game scheduled to be played in Manuka for this season, and I'm already itching to find out who we'll get next year! =)


And an update on the stitching for the week:

It's starting to look kinda like something, to me at least (but then, I know what it is!)


Finally, s'n'b is due for this Thursday, given the closure of the Canberra Starbucks stores last week I think we're a bit up in the air for a new venue, so if you're planning on coming along make sure to check our Yahoo or Rav groups, or get in touch with someone beforehand to make sure you don't miss us! =)


Saturday, August 02, 2008

Winter waffling

To be honest, today is a bit of a disappointment.
I was looking forward to a lovely gloomy dark miserable drizzly day - one where I could stay inside, coomfy and warm, with some knitting, a dvd and a milo.
Instead, from inside at least, it looks like a beautiful sunny Canberra wintery day, albeit a little (!) windy.

So I'm inside cursing the glare off the TV, watching cheerful jonquils (I think) nod their heads in the sun and feeling somewhat guilty for not being out in it too - you know, making hay or something.

Hopefully, though, tis weather will hold up like this for the footy tomorrow - if today is gorgeous and then I have sit out in the miserable weather tomorrow afternoon I'll be cross!! ;)

Also disappointing today is that I can't seem to access my blog - obviously I can post, but when I try to go to my actual blog page it tells me that the site can't be opened! bum!!
I'm having trouble with one or two other blogspot sites, but not others - weird.

Since the posting part is working ok, I thought I'd share the part of a winter Saturday morning that never disappoints - waffles!!!
Almost every Saturday morning Chez Kuka starts the same way - I make waffles, the Boy makes coffee, and we sit down to breakfast together.

This morning the cupboard was a little bare (I had way too much wool to carry last night to think about what I might need for breakfast!), so the Boy popped out to pick up a few things:

I have two favourite recipes - one you can find on George's blog, and the other from the essential dessert cookbook (naturally - you know how I love my essentials!!). This morning I'm using the essential recipe (which just happens to be the same as this one). It calls for buttermilk, but I never have any around so I just use regular milk with a splash of vinegar in it. The dry ingredients are combined in a bowl, the butter melted and mixed with the milk and eggs:

Throw the wet into the dry, mix til just combined then let it stand for 10 minutes or so while the waffle iron heats up. Ooh, and we always use our footy mugs on Saturday morning - and, believe me, coffee tastes about a zillion times better out of hawks mug the morning after giving Collingwood a hiding!

The recipe says you'll need half a cup of batter for each waffle, but I find a quarter is more than enough:

Cook until goldeny brown. This recipe makes a thin very soft light waffle, rather than the big spongey and crisp Belgian style (look for a whipped egg white recipe, I think, for that style of waffle)

Sometimes we serve our waffles with bacon, or berries from the freezer, but since they're so nice at the moment today we went with strawberries and maple syrup.

Pour a fresh coffee, tune the net to stream 774 for the Coodabeens footy show, and enjoy! =)