Saturday, August 23, 2008


This week my order from the Fox Collection arrived, and with it their catalogue.
Online I had only looked at the cross stitch kits, but flicking through the paper catalogue I was inspired by this - polar fleece baby blanket with felt jungle animal applique - and decided to have a go myself.

I popped into Lincraft after work on Friday, all ready to pick out some fabric, only to discover they didn't have a single roll of polar fleece! =(

Spotlight, however, was a grand success (though they close at 4pm Saturdays - for some reason I thought it was 5pm).
The biggest problem I had was trying to choose which fleece to get - I was expecting a couple of plain colours, but oh, all the prints too!!!

I grabbed a variety of flannels (some print, some plain) too - I'm planning to back the fleece with flannel (or vice versa, I guess, depending on how you look at it!)

I have to admit I did get a bit of the Spotlight attitude too - like I was ruining their day by asking to have so much fabric cut - but then, that's why I make just a couple of big trips out there each year.

So, the rest of the week-end I'm looking forward to some applique, to prepare my fleece 'quilts' for sewing on the machine next week.

And I'm hoping to get a good start going on the cross stitch that arrived from the Fox Collection - it's a gift with a deadline (and I think we all know how good I am with a deadline!) =)


ps. How good was the pole vault?? I don't know how they fling themselves up and through the air like that - it just looks like an accident waiting to happen, really !!(the phrase 'all fun and games til someone loses an eye' comes to mind... maybe that's more an issue in the javelin?)

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  1. Teehee, I always make the Spotties fabric cutting chick grumpy too, when I rock up with about 12 rolls to get cut! Damn you for showing me another website with potential for such mail-oder fun.

    And the pole vault - what I want to know is, how do you *learn* to do that? Or discover you have an talent for it?


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