Friday, August 15, 2008

Spot the difference

Wow what a game!
The Danes trailed the whole game, took the lead with seconds to go, Russia equalised and then Denmark won with a shot after the siren!!
I nearly had a hearty!

As we watched the handball last night, this guy seemed to look more and more familiar.... do you recognise him??

How about now?


(one of those men is Ulrik Wilbek, Danish handball coach, the other is Kevin Rudd, Prime Minister of Australia. Could you tell them apart? ;o))


  1. Honestly, I didn't recognize either one of them! See how shallow Americans are. But, if it makes you feel better I will share a secret with you...ssshhhhhhh..(I hate America and can't wait to get out and travel the world and actually live in a country I can be proud of) But don't let it out!

    Although, I am quite proud of Michael Phelps at this moment. And Natsia Liuken.

  2. This is exactly what my hubby said!! Very much separated at birth these two! We love handball, after scoring tickets in Sydney (2000). The Olympics is the only time it gets media here.

  3. LOL! Yup, they're the Same Person!!

    Aren't the handball players CRAZY? Love that game ...


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