Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thumb wrestle

At SnB the other night (Monday, to be precise. First Tilleys night - fabulous) George commented on the fact that I had knit the 'body' of both squirrely mittens before starting either thumb, and that she always had to do a full mitten at a time - having one completely done before starting the next is a kind of reward.

Thing is, I hate thumbs.
There, said it.
Mostly on account of I despise picking up stitches - from anywhere.
Doesn't matter if it's from a cast-on edge, or up the side of a knitted piece, it just makes me shudder.

Consequently I avoid it like one might avoid the plague.
Or the food court at the mall during school holidays.

I knit and knit on the body of one mitten then the next trying to ignore the fact that eventually I will have to knit those thumbs in.
Then, when I finally can't put it off any more, I knit very grudgingly cursing every stitch of what should really be the quickest part of the mitt-knit.
And those are the times that I wish I knit socks instead.

This weekend it was time wrestle the demon thumbs.

Would you believe I still only finished one??
I swear it's not just my thumb aversion holding me back.

I blame the male gymnasts for one - who could look away from those guys as they swing and flip and twirl on and off of the apparatus?

And even the football had me too enthralled to concentrate on (or even glance at) my knitting. (Olympic football, that is. Not AFL. I know nothing about AFL this week... was there a game on?)

We're taping anything after 11(ish) in an attempt to combat the sleep deprivation. (Mind you, we have a TV in our room, so anything mildly interesting is bound to keep me watching and awake regardless.)
Then we can fast forward through for what we're interested in (Mostly equestrian and gymnastics. And weight-lifting - LOVE the weight-lifting!) the next day.

Anyway, thumbs.
These squirrely mittens are so almost finished - once I knock-over this second thumb I just have to sew up the cuff and weave in the ends and they're done =)

Now, if I can just keep my eyes off the pommel final then we might get somewhere...



  1. I always do two mittens, then the two thumbs. It just makes sense to me to do the fiddly parts all in a row. I think it goes faster that way. And then ta-da! I have a pair of mittens completed, in five minutes. ;)

  2. I think you have done a great job so far. I do not like picking up too & of course, always end up not doing a good job.

  3. Your mittens are fabulous. I am not fond of the thumbs either, too few stitches in the round. The gymnastics was wonderful, I saw the pommel last night and it was amazing!!

  4. Love those mittens - and I keep having to frog bits I knitted in the exciting parts of the Olympics!

  5. I hate thumbs too. Mine always end up too long or too short. And wrestling 20 tiny stitches on tiny DPNs is just not fun it all. Same reason I hate the last part of the toe on socks...

    Did you see Denmark in the 49'er boat race?? Wasn't that teh awesome?? I still don't know if we're disqualified, though... :s

  6. thumbs are just annoying.

    You know, I'm not watching the Olympics. I don't mean to not watch. I just forget. But I read your thoughts on it and I find myself wishing I was more motivated.


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