Sunday, August 03, 2008

Sons of the Mighty West

Well, it's safe to say the weather today did not disappoint!
We sat on the sunny side of the ground, and it was a beautiful clear blue sky day - gorgeous and warm in the sun (I can imagine it was a completely different story on the other side, in the shade, since we recorded a high of just 12.8C!)

(eeek these photos are teeny tiny - click if you wanna see them bigger, and pop over to flickr if you wanna see more =))

The score also didn't disappoint. We're so used to seeing Sydney give their opponents an absolute flogging in any game at Manuka, that it was very refreshing to see the Bulldogs triumph (although, we couldn't actually see that much - we were at the non-scoring end...)

(Brad the smiling assassin Johnson slots through the first for the doggies)

Today was the last game scheduled to be played in Manuka for this season, and I'm already itching to find out who we'll get next year! =)


And an update on the stitching for the week:

It's starting to look kinda like something, to me at least (but then, I know what it is!)


Finally, s'n'b is due for this Thursday, given the closure of the Canberra Starbucks stores last week I think we're a bit up in the air for a new venue, so if you're planning on coming along make sure to check our Yahoo or Rav groups, or get in touch with someone beforehand to make sure you don't miss us! =)



  1. Nice day for it!!

    We have penguin shaped waffles nearly every sunday due to popular demand (the kids want them and we pretend we're only going along with them!)

  2. Glad you had such a fun day!

    Hmmm, it is a house you're stitching?

    Love the look of those waffles too - YUMMY!

    PS The 'word verification' for this post was 'ssbuurp' which seems strangely appropriate ;)


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