Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Garden Path

The lovely weekend weather gave me the opportunity to take some more outsidey photos here at home this weekend.

In fact, my photography adventures even extended as far as down the side of the house, where we haven't really had cause to go with the weather being so outside-unfriendly since we moved in.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I was kind of surprised (pleasantly so, but surprised) to discover this gorgeous scene in my own garden! - I mean, I knew there was a path along the side of the house, but I thought it was far more utilitarian!

Just look at that!

Two big terracotta pots holding climbing roses, which look to me as though they'll bloom a beautiful pink over the arch come flowering time.

I have a bit of cutting back, or dead-heading at the least, to do, and I feel a bit guilty, but the neglect doesn't appear to have caused too much damage - look at those tiny new green leaves!

I wouldn't mind planting something colourful at their feet in those pots.
It's a fairly shady, and possibly dampish, spot - does anyone have any suggestions?

In news other than the outside gardeny sort, the squirrels are done!
I cast off on Thursday morning - hurrah!!
I'm not going to do an FO post yet - they're a present (not a secret one, but a pressie none the less =)), and I want to gift them before I show them to the world.

Yesterday I cast on another baby cardy - a lovely little top down, no seam (!!) cardie with eyelet-y lacey kind of patterns. Very cute!
This little guy is keeping me busy as far as bus knitting, and of course as a side to my encrusted mousse at SnB last night.

I've been having an excellent social knitty week, actually, as well as SnB I have had bus knitting company and a catch up lunch with someone I haven't seen for ages =)
And it's only Wednesday =D



  1. Oh you have a path! How wonderful. I am going to love watching you guys discover your garden as it wakes up in Spring. I feel like it's The Secret Garden all over again!

  2. Oh! You have an arbour and a secret path! I'm jealous!

  3. what a treat to find such a lovely spot. as a tip lots of roses hate having things planted around their base - so check out what kind of rose it is first and make sure you go for something really shallow rooted like a native violet - it looks shade enough for them.

  4. What a lovely path - and such pretty pots!

    Loved the scarf too - you are clever - I must investigate that pattern further!


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