Sunday, August 10, 2008

nappy cake?

Ewwwww, sounds gross, hey? ;o)

Apparently you can't have a baby shower without one (the innernets told me so - mostly US sites selling very expensive 'diaper cakes'!).

With the help of some handy tips and a real live example (both courtesy of Twitchy Fingers) here's the 'cake' I put together for J-Mo's baby shower:

I popped in some baby scissors and nail clippers, lotion and nappy bags, as well as some choccies for mum. I think it turned out pretty cute - though the pic is a bit daggy =)

If you're looking for a baby gift, and you're inspired by the nappy cake idea, check out some of these babies (many of which are way cooler than mine) and there are lots of how-tos out there too =)

Seriously, Nappy cakes??! What will people think of next?


  1. If I EVER have a baby shower, I'm calling on you for help. You rock!

  2. I've never heard of them before. I suspect those US sites that sell them are serving a different demographic. :)


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