Wednesday, August 06, 2008

up in the air

Have you heard?
The Australian Government is reviewing security policies for aviation in Australia.

A consultation paper has been released, which has an overview of the issues for review - of particular interest to the crafty community might be Issue ‘6.1 Purpose of screening’ subsection ‘Should the list of prohibited items be rationalised?’ (pages 12 and 13)

If you'd like to voice your views on the prohibition of knitting needles/ crochet hooks on flights in Australia, submissions can be made to the Screening Review Advisory Group. Submissions close in September.

A response letter can be found here, which you can personalise or print, sign and submit as is.

Here's hoping we get our yarny air time back! =)


  1. Great news, isn't it! I think they're going to be amazed at the response from the Aussie knitters!


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