Friday, August 22, 2008

FO: Bonehead scarf

I'm going to 'cheat' a bit tonight and post something I finished a little while ago, but haven't shown off yet...

It's the So Called Broomhead Scarf!! =)

Pattern: My So Called Scarf(rav link)

Source: ImagiKnit

Yarn: Lincraft Veronica - two balls

Needles: 7mm (straights. who knits on straights these days anyway hehe)

Modifications: Nope

Comments: Once I stopped being completely confused by the stitch pattern this was easy peasy.

I think I linked last time to two you-tube vids (here and here) which are a big help to watch if you can't quite visualise what's happening with the stitch.

The fabric is gorgeous and thick - exactly how I was hoping it would turn out - and the length is perfect - just enough to wrap twice and tuck in to my jacket. It is also deliciously warm - which has been handy with the cold mornings we've been having the past two weeks or so.


It's been a funny end of the week - lots of training at work, which equals aways from desk and computer, and is also somewhat exhausting.

Tonight we've been out for dinner and to watch the footy - we haven't been getting the Friday night games on account of the Olympics being on the footy channel - and now we're settling in to watch the pole vault.

Tomorrow we're planning to make the trek out to Spotlight (eeek) - wish us luck!!



  1. Nice scarf. And it does look very warm!

  2. Lovely scarf & the stitch pattern look so good in the white yarn. I knitted one a couple of years ago & really like it.


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