Monday, August 18, 2008

not doping, just dopey

This weekend my Ravelympic campaign was dealt a cruel blow.
There was no injury, just stupidity (on my part, I'm embarrassed to say).

See, I planned my team so carefully.
Three competitors, in two events, and a variety of weights.

To warm up I would wrestle the squirrels and LVish mittens, my reward would be victory in the mitten medley with herringbone mittens for myself.

Three projects, three weeks.
Perfect. (Hmmm. Maybe I should enter another project, for when those were finished?)

So, hands up who sees where I went wrong?
3 weeks = 21 days.
Olympics = 16 days.(How on earth did I miss that??)

Now we're... how many days in? Oh, 10.
And those bloody squirrel bastards still have me pinned to the mat.

Tonight I'd love to see some of the show-jumping - the Aussies are into the team final - but so far Matty White has made no mention, so I won't be holding my breath.
More gymnastics apparatus finals, though - the bars are pretty cool for men and women, and the rings - amazing!

Then there's "Lightning" Bolt in action again, and perhaps some more track cycling (wow, those Poms can fly!)

Speaking of enjoying, my bread rolls baked up deliciously!
Even better than the loaf, I think.
We had some with our soup last night, and then in our lunch boxes today.

The dough for these babies was the other half of what I used for the loaf - so it had sat on the bench for the day Saturday, then in the fridge overnight, pulled it back out Sunday lunchtime, then shaped into 6 rolls and baked for dinner.
I'm not sure how long the rolls took - but it was probably a bit less than the loaf.

Next weekend I think I'll try a half batch (just 'cos the full is too much for the two of us) perhaps with some grains/wholemeal/something =)
mmmmm delish!


  1. Wait! The Olympics is only 16 days? I thought it was 18! I haven't even picked out the yarn for my second project, let alone finished the first! ARGH!

  2. Wow, it seems like miscalculating has been a Ravelrympic theme. I have barely started my Ravelrympic project. But it is started, and that's what counts. This surgery thing has gotten me down more than I thought it would. On another note, I had read about your love of Olympic Equestrian courses but I hadn't seen them until Saturday. Here in the states that was the first time they aired. So, basically our news networks don't have the time to shop horse races which take a matter of seconds but they have time to show an hour and half walking race. Hmmm, makes me question their intelligence.

  3. Your squirrels are looking great! So glad I resisted the ravelympics - too much for me after failing miserably in the tour de france!

  4. Snigger.

    You said the 'Bum'word.


  5. Oh bugger, Blogger ate my post ... Ok , second time around ...
    Bother about the time miscalculation - d'you reckon your work would let you have a few days off for knitting, since it's the Olympics and all?!

    Love that bread, smells good from here! Must make some soon!!


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