Sunday, April 19, 2009

felty brooch

Look!!! I've been crafty!!!

(please excuse the pic - I'm not sure how to work the macro on this baby, and am using unfamiliar photo editing software - not a good combo!!) ;o)

So, just trust me when I tell you that blurry red and white splodge is my felt toadstool brooch, which I whipped up (partly) at our Brown Owls meet on Saturday =)

Cute, non?


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not chocolate eggs

I think it's no secret around here that one of our favourite things to do on a trip to Melbourne is indulge in the city's cafe goodness.
Of particular gastronomic note on this trip was Sunday's breakfast at Time Out in Federation Square, where we enjoyed a lovely Grand Final Breakfast last September.

You see, I've been on something of a breakfast mission in Canberra, searching the city for somewhere that does a decent poached egg - the last 5 or so places I have breakfasted have all served me hard poached eggs, even when I've asked for them to be soft (I mean, come on! Poached eggs need to be soft, right??!).

The eggs at Time Out were PERFECT.
And the toast.
And the coffee.
And the champagne.
And the staff.
And the sunshine! (did I mention the gorgeous weather yesterday?? ;o))

Of course, this only raises the standards in my search for the perfect place to breakfast in Canberra now! ;o)

The football wasn't starting until 2-ish, so we had plenty of time for a wander through the Arts Centre Sunday Markets and along Southbank.

With time to kill, and two empty seats looking out over the river at Bear Brass (teehee), we couldn't resist sitting down for a midday beer and some people watching.

I could have sat there all day!!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

More Melbs

First, thanks to everyone for your comments and messages about the break-in. We did lose a lot of photos and so on, but thankfully between flickr, the blog and facebook, and a bunch of us together which we have printed out or emailed around, we have copies of a lot of our very favourites.

My laptop has only ever been used for writing my honours thesis and then mucking about with photos and the blog, the internet, and the occasional burst of the SIMS, so there were no sensitive documents on there.

To start to make up for the loss of photos we picked up a new 2GB memory card when we were out and about getting copies of receipts on Tuesday, and I took a bunch of shots around the house during the week and over the weekend in Melbourne =)

Of course, in our book, a trip to Melbourne between March and September is wasted if we don't get along to at least one game of football and, like our trip two years ago, luck had it that both our teams were playing in Melbourne over the Easter weekend.

On Saturday evening we were amongst a crowd of about 70,000 at the MCG (seen above in all her beatiful autumn glory!) to see the Boy's Bombers take down the Blues in the closest of close games - winning by less than a goal in the end.

We stopped for a beer on the way back to the hotel, and got in just in time for the Boy to watch the replay on Foxtel, just in case he had missed something seeing it live ;o)

On Sunday afternoon we packed up our Easter eggs and headed down to the Docklands to see my Hawks take on the Kangaroos - and hand them a 9 goal hiding.

As you can see, we were super close to the action - previously I have always sat undercover at the Dome, and being in the open was really a completely different experience.

I think the ground is slightly raised in the centre, compared to the boundary, which can make it tricky to see just exactly what is going on across the other side of the ground, but I just love feeling so close to the action!

A very successful footbally weekend indeed!


ps. more of my Melbourney shots will find their way to flickr on the weekend - I'll link to them when they're up, so you can check them out if you'd like to see more =)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not quite to plan

Well, all those plans to fill you in on the crafty goings on here went right out the window.
Quite literally, actually, - along with both our laptops, the hard drive we've been backing the laptops up onto, my camera, and a few bottles of alcohol - when our home was broken into during the day last week.

It has been awful and exhausting and just a big pain in the butt, although I have to say everyone we have dealt with from the police and insurance have been really great, and have most certainly made a horrible situation just a little bit easier for us to cope with. And the kittens are ok.

So it was equally nerve-wracking and blissful to get right away from home for the Easter weekend - we spent a few nights with my family and a night in gorgeous Melbourne.

Despite forecasts for rotten weather, Melbourne delivered us two picture perfect sunshiney days.

Now if only it wasn't back to work tomorrow I think I'd feel much better too!


Sunday, April 05, 2009

there has been craft!

See - it's the wee embroidery I started at Brown Owls.

Actually, I had quite the incentive to get it finished up quickly - the fabric marker I used to transfer the design onto my fabric disappears itself after 48 hours! - although it did drag out a few extra days, on account of I wanted silvery thread for the lens doo-dads.

I've started a second one, also using a pattern from the Floss Box, which I should have all done by Tuesday (according to my marker, that is!)

A few other crafty-ish things going on chez us, hope to share with you this week =)


Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I've been feeling all Scandinavian the past week or so - longing for lovely Denmark (and her pretty blue kitchen accessories).

Here are a couple of places I've been hygge-ing my inner (ok, maybe more a bit outer) Scandophile self...

Scandinavian Kitchen - this cafe/deli/grocery store is in London, but the blog is full of all sorts of scandinavian loveliness. Also, since its written in english I can read for longer before my brain hurts ;o)

Bolig Liv - a Danish home magazine (think Real Living, or Living Etc). Their newsletter is cute - you can translate it using the Google Translator tool.

Copenhagen Cycle Chic - I love this so much, I don't even know what to say - just go look!