Sunday, April 05, 2009

there has been craft!

See - it's the wee embroidery I started at Brown Owls.

Actually, I had quite the incentive to get it finished up quickly - the fabric marker I used to transfer the design onto my fabric disappears itself after 48 hours! - although it did drag out a few extra days, on account of I wanted silvery thread for the lens doo-dads.

I've started a second one, also using a pattern from the Floss Box, which I should have all done by Tuesday (according to my marker, that is!)

A few other crafty-ish things going on chez us, hope to share with you this week =)



  1. Cute! Is that meant to be a little x-ray machine by any chance?
    (PS. I heart Bepe's Cafe at belconnen markets too - so sad we don't live on that side of town anymore)

  2. I didn't see what you were working on at Brown Owls. That is so awesomely cute!

    I'll have to introduce you to my Japanese embroidery pencil sometime. It's fab, and it doesn't fade.

  3. Super cute!
    I think I need one of those pens - great motivating tools ;-) Hhhmmm.... perhaps one for uni, one of housework....

  4. hi! when are the brown owls meeting in canberra again?


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