Sunday, March 22, 2009

stitchy owls

We had a wonderful embroidery tea party with the Brown Owls today!
Here's my stitchy work in progress:

Wow! look at all those straight little backstitches!! hehe

Everyone brought along a plate of tea party goodies - of course I used this as an excuse to try my hand at some chocolate macarons:

mmmm they were delish - although perhaps you can see I had a little trouble with the filling. It's a chocolate ganache, but I just didn't give it enough time to set before I used it. The recipe is a definite winner though! I think I'll give them another shot later in the week - maybe with a passionfruit filling mmmmm



  1. Dude I think yours were the first to go! They were delicious, but boo-hoo I only got one. More please!!!

  2. I wish I'd taken a photo of my failed CWA cheesecakes. The macarons were delicious! The stitching was so much fun too - I just wish I didn't have a headache so I could have enjoyed it more.

  3. Yesterday was such heaps good fun!

    Your stitching looks beautiful - I was so absorbed in my stitching I didn't end up looking at what everyone was up to (or to try any delicious offerings even)!

  4. It was such a great afternoon- cant wait till next month! Thanks for posting the recipe! Cant wait to give it a go!!

  5. we love cool things like this at Handmade.

    P.S just found you clever people on Brown Owls, I cannot believe I have not come across you lll before.



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