Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not chocolate eggs

I think it's no secret around here that one of our favourite things to do on a trip to Melbourne is indulge in the city's cafe goodness.
Of particular gastronomic note on this trip was Sunday's breakfast at Time Out in Federation Square, where we enjoyed a lovely Grand Final Breakfast last September.

You see, I've been on something of a breakfast mission in Canberra, searching the city for somewhere that does a decent poached egg - the last 5 or so places I have breakfasted have all served me hard poached eggs, even when I've asked for them to be soft (I mean, come on! Poached eggs need to be soft, right??!).

The eggs at Time Out were PERFECT.
And the toast.
And the coffee.
And the champagne.
And the staff.
And the sunshine! (did I mention the gorgeous weather yesterday?? ;o))

Of course, this only raises the standards in my search for the perfect place to breakfast in Canberra now! ;o)

The football wasn't starting until 2-ish, so we had plenty of time for a wander through the Arts Centre Sunday Markets and along Southbank.

With time to kill, and two empty seats looking out over the river at Bear Brass (teehee), we couldn't resist sitting down for a midday beer and some people watching.

I could have sat there all day!!!



  1. I'm with you - I hate hard poached eggs. It really defeats the purpose. Usually I get good ones at Gus', and very rarely at Toso's and ALWAYS at Kingston Grind.

    In Melbourne though, the best poached eggs I've ever had have been at Madame Sousou's on Brunswick St. The Maj Cafe (weekdays) also does magnificent ones!

  2. Hard poached eggs? That's just wrong! The weather looks divine and the food delicious. What a trip!

  3. The breakfast looks good & I love eggs too - any style. Sorry to read about the break-in.

  4. Its funny Bron, because it seems that from what I have learnt so far about San Francisco, is that breakfasts are something that it and the rest of America tend to do quite badly. I miss the way some of the cafes in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne do a good hot breakfast, and in my opinion those cafes do a much better job than here. So enjoy.


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