Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Happy Birthday

Ok, it may seem like I'm a day behind, but, well, ok yes I am =s

But still, I have two HAPPY BIRTHDAYs:

First my sister Betty, who knows I'm working away on something exciting for her, and let's just say a certain spongey someone may make an appearance =)


btw I didn't forget - see, I even had a drink for you - strawberry vanilla martini mmmm delish ;)

Also yesterday was Canberra's 94th birthday!

Hip hip .... hurrah =p

The whole Canberra day thing is kind of odd this year, the actual anniversary of the founding of Canberra is March 12.

Which being a Monday this year would be perfect for a public holiday.
But somehow the actual holiday worked out to be next week on the 19th.

All of the celebratory events were this weekend - including the 'celebrate in the park' concert being on Sunday (a school night!!), presumably because Skyfire (which this year featured Anthony Callea! - not a word from you Beauzo, or I'll have to bring up the Reese thing - hmm Jake's dvd collection is looking more and more like mine, don't you think? hehe) had dibs on the Saturday.

I'm sure it doesn't usually work out this way....
We figure they decided to have the stuff not on the long weekend since hardly anyone hangs around here on long weekends - everyone races to the coast - especially now it is starting to cool down some.

We didn't make it to the concert this year (on account of the exhausting weekend - well, ok, and the school night part...), but we did celebrate with "Happy Birthday Canberra" choc-peppermint cupcakes - inspired by that wonderful example of geometrics that is Australia's Parliament House.

Mmmm politics never tasted so good =)


(btw apparently the government has just twigged to the weirdness of the dates - I just came across this press release dated today...)


  1. Damn..I forgot Canberra Day..I miss my totally pointless holiday, just for happening to live in Canberra. That being said, it was some kind of public holiday here yesterday too, which I didn't realise until AFTER I rostered myself on. Anyway...HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANBERRA! and I hope Anthony made your heart go pitter-patter... did anyone see him at Cube afterwards? (sorry...couldn't resist *S* and I'll take whatever jibes you have to throw at Jake-y..I deserve it *S*)

  2. hey =)
    It was Labour day in Melbourne.
    But our public holiday isn't til this coming weekend - so if you came to visit you'd still make it =p


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