Christmassy skirts

Another quick Christmassy idea from last year's stash - festive skirts for your favourite little girl.

These were really quick and easy - just measure the length of elastic you want for the waist, multiply by about 1.5 for fullness and use that measurement to cut the cotton. From memory I did about 50cm for the elastic, so 75cm for the cotton. This was big enough that the skirts still fit this year, and are just so cute!
Then the elastic goes in a casing around the waist, and embellish to your heart's content! This little gingerbread man is felt, with real buttons.

I actually made a matching gingerbread one for myself using green cotton and my favourite gored-skirt 'pattern', but now seeing these pics again I'm tempted to go all out with some polka dots and ric-rac for myself too!!



  1. They are so gorgeous and so festive!!

  2. OMG - they are brilliant! I love that you already have one too, and yes, you must do more polka dots!!

    Miss you already!!!!

  3. V cute, I may try them for my nices.... I love the look of the polka dots and ric rac for all year round too!


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