Wednesday, November 04, 2009

a bit gory

I gave you a little peek yesterday, but I'm so pleased with my new pony skirt that its back today with some details! =)

The fabric is dark blue homespun which I picked up on sale last weekend, with just exactly this sort of practising sewing kind of project in mind.

It is a gored skirt, which means it is made up of a bunch of trapezoidy shapes - 9 in this case. I didn't use a pattern - I just based the width, angle and length of the trapezoids on one of my very favourite skirts.

There are heaps of good tutorials online about how to make your own gored skirt, based on your own measurements.

Like the teeny skirt yesterday, the stencil came from stencilry, and was painted using freezer paper (have I mentioned how LOVE freezer paper?)

I'm especially pleased with how well the zipper turned out. And look - there's facing! With more ponies! The fabric is left over from the pony dress I made a few years ago! =)

With summer well on the way I can't wait to whip up a couple more of these babies - and depending on the fabric they can be super casual for the weekend or smart enough for work! =)



  1. I don't even get that excited about the Melbourne Cup, but I love you pony themed clothing! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  2. I love that you used the measurements of another gored skirt! I really should remember to do that.

    You really are a very clever girl, you know.

  3. That skirt is super cute! Well done ;-)

  4. How clever are you! What a great skirt, and an awesome stencil - I love it!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

  5. I want to say something cheesy about galloping around in summer, but like I said it would just be cheesy - cute skirt though!


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