Tuesday, November 06, 2007

ooooooh, a PONY???

I have to admit, I love the spring racing carnival!!!

The boy and I celebrated Canberra's much discussed (and enormously enjoyed!) Family and Community day holiday with a very civilised Melbourne Cup lunch chez J-Mo & B-Ro.

Now, we all know I love an excuse to get my cupcake on (you can click to make them bigger - much bigger, you've been warned! - or check them out on flickr for a better look =)), Cup day warranted a new outfit too - my very first sewing FO!!!

I call it "A PONY???!!!"

hope you picked a winner!!!!

besos xo =)

btw JT was *AWESOME*! more about that and Sydney soon =D!


  1. Congratulations - I do love a themed food/outfil combo. Did you enjoy making the dress?

  2. That dress is a scream! (You are such a country chick). Seriously it's lovely, hope we get a full modelled shot soon?

    And how was JT? I don't really get it but I'm still curious!

  3. You star you! A PONY dress?! It's wonderful! LOL! Brilliant cupcakes as ever, too :D


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