Friday, October 05, 2007

catching up is hard to do

Well, I guess things have been a leeetle busy chez Kuka (et Boy) again this week, so here's a tres brief round up =)

The Port Adelaide cupcake dilema was overcome by only making cats - I'm not sure if you can tell from the pic there, but some of those have little white chocolate cats wearing blue bow-ties on the top.

It was probably for the best that I stuck with just cats, since (apart from the fact that the teal icing is hard to perfect) Port's performance on the day suggested that a Power cupcake would likely be a serious choking hazard.

As far as the actual Grand Final game, it was exciting that Geelong won but a bit disappointing that it was such a smashing (it really didn't make for a thrilling match!). Mum has been here visiting since last Friday, so the three of us watched the game together over footy jumper wearing beers and party pies =)

Monday through Wednesday this week I was in Melbourne for a work meeting, which was both less exciting than it sounds in that the entire time was spent at the airport, but also more interesting than it sounds since I quite enjoy hearing our expert committee members comment on the issues we work with every day.

The jet cardie is all finished as far as knitting goes - all that is needed now is the sewing and to find some buttons - hurrah!!
I'll try get some photos over the weekend.

Mum and I had a great time at SnB last-night. There was a pretty good turn out - and lots of socky inspiration, including crocheted socks, Koigu socks, gelato socks and the first sock of the luckiest knitter in the world.
Hmmmm, with all this socking going on I'm seeing socks in my future...

I swatched for, and (pretty much) got gauge for, my next project (drum roll?) - Mr Greenjeans =)

Now, just to finish that sewing up.....


  1. Really, your football cupcakes deserve to be in a museum. You are a legend!
    For me the most fun part of the Grand Final was listening to Roy and HG commentating on exactly when the margin would become the largest in the history of the grand final, and just how large a margin could they set for the new record. Otherwise, it was a fairly sleepy afternoon!

  2. Yeah, the footy was disappointing. Lucky I didn't stay home to watch it!

    It was lovely seeing you and your mum the other night!


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