Friday, December 01, 2006


Today I took the bone scan results to my doctor.
Like me he was surprised to find the report so vague and still no bone injury.

My ankle seems to be ok, just a bit achy, and a tiny bit swollen still.
He had me rotate and stretch the ankle in each direction, and nothing hurt - it was just a little stiff.

So he still thinks I've got a little bit of bone damage - there's a bone that sits in between the ankle joint and the heel bone, he thinks I may have chipped this a tiny bit.

This would show up on a CT scan, but he doesn't want me to have to have too many scans (by the way, Bertie pointed out that while he had to drink all that barium sulfate, his CT was on his digestive system. Since mine would be my foot then what's in my stomach probably won't matter - good point Bertie! =))

Also, since it is likely to be such minor damage the diagnosis probably isn't going to change the treatment anyway, just give us an idea of the expected recovery time frame - from a couple of weeks if it is just ligaments to maybe 8 or ten weeks if it is the bone.
Since I haven't really had any trouble putting weight on the most part of my foot, I am off the crutches (yay!), and just have a stick.

Besides not having to use the crutches anymore, there's a couple of other gratitude Friday things I'll mention =)

I'm grateful for the Boy.
This past to weeks he has done everything for me - driven me around to appointments, cooked fabulous meals while I yelled instructions to him from my chair in the corner (now I have the stick to wave at him too! hehe)
He's done so much for me, when he has his own stuff to worry about - like studying for a law exam next week (last one ever!!!)

Having now spent something like 11 days on my behind with my foot up, I am so grateful for the accessability of entertainment these days!!!
I've spent the week-and-a-half with Oprah and Dr Phil, the guys from Roswell, even the cricket (although I have to say from an Ausralian's perspective the first test was more entertaining than this one so far!), as well as a couple of others.

I'm also grateful for crafts - check out my advent calendar =)
I stayed up sewing the bits on last night so that at least the adventy bits would be ready for December 1 =)
From each little gold star is an advent charm, which will be turned around each day until December 24.
(Mind you, if you were to count the pieces in the picture I posted on Tuesday you'll find that where I had counted 23 there were only 22!!! So now I just have to find one more, and add the star to the top of the tree, then I'll have 24.)

I'm really pleased with how it turned out, the matching fabric on the back of the charms blends really well with the background.
Now I'm going to use the Christmassy fabrics I picked up last weekend to make a border - I'll work on that through the next week =)

besos =)

btw, usually I would have cropped this last pic, but I couldn't get rid of that little hand in the bottom right-hand corner!! (click on the picture for a closer look) =)


  1. LoViNg your advent calender, great job!! Good to hear you are off the crutches. :-) By the way, I have linked to your blog, finding myself coming back to read your blog. Really enjoy reading it. lol

  2. I love, love your calendar!

    Hope your ankle/foot feels better!


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