Tuesday, November 28, 2006


A whole day of being right off my foot today.
The boy made me french toast for breakfast this morning (If I'm not careful I can see myself going to back to work several kilos heavier than last I was there - with all this sitting and having food brought to me!)

I wonder how many calories per hour you burn with crochet?

This is where I'm up to with the granny squares.
So, I've done the medium blue with light purple, and medium purple with light blue.
Next is the mediums together and the lights together.
That will be 24 squares.
I know I want more than the 24, but I'm not sure whether to make 24 again the same, or whether to introduce darks as well, then do them in each combination as well?

And this is what's happening with the bears.

I'm done with the blanket stitching, and these guys are 23 of the 24 adventy bits.
On the reverse they match with the fabric on the tree, then they'll be turned around a day at a time.
I think they're super cute =)

Tomorrow hopefully I'll get to sew them on, then its border time =)


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  1. I love granny squares. They are really pretty too. Yes you could probably mix it up with some deeper colours. Are you going to crochet them together? and then which shade will you use?


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