Friday, June 06, 2008

loooooooong weekend

Oooh, thank goodness for a long weekend!!!

We don't have too much planned - really just packing packing packing.
I'd really like to get the spare room completely packed up by Monday arvo so that we can put all the packed boxes in there - at the moment the place is a bit of a cardboard box maze, and moving them out of they way would be very handy so we could see what's actually left =s

Tomorrow will be our last Saturday night here (we're off to Melbourne for the weekend next week) and we'll be spendng the first part of it out at our fave local footy watching establishment - our respective teams clash this weekend.
They have a fairly competitive history over the past 25 years or so, and have built up quite a rivalry so it should be a good game.
This is the first time we've been brave enough to actively watch it together....
Anyway, I'm pretty sure that if it all ends in tears they won't be mine.. hehe

On Tuesday I have a 5am start (eeek) to be in Melbourne for 2 days of work meetings, so I'll be working hard to build up the sleep bank in preparation!

The demon squirrels are coming along perfectly now (on 2.25mm needles) - I'd love to have them done before we head to Melbourne next week, but that's looking a tight....
Hmmm we'll see ;)

And check out all those squares!
I had them a bit all over the place in their sets of six, and when I brought them together for packing it turns out there's quite a stack now!


oh, ps, it was lovely to see some new faces, and some gorgeous projects, braving the cold weather for SnB last night! I have to admit I was particularly enamoured of Anushka's DIVINE cabled cardie - her own design!!!! Anushka is new to Canberra - do pop by her blog and say hi (and perve on that cardie!!! =)


  1. Have fun with that packing!

    And yes, CnB was wonderful the other night, wasn't it? You are the peeps who keep me sane you know!

  2. You are right: so many squares!!! It looks like the just appeared out of nowhere!!!


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