Sunday, February 18, 2007

Something new, something blue.

Determined not to let yesterday's little incident slow us down, the Boy and I tried something new for breakfast today - Crumpet toast.

This seemed like a kinda weird idea to me, since I've always thought that the best part of crumpets is that they're crunchy and flat underneath, lumpy and spongey on top.

The crumpet toast was really neither - it was mostly flatish but sort of holey.

It was really more like one of those grain-free gluten-free rice flour based breads than crumpets. Which is ok, since I like all those kinds of breads anyway.

I guess it tasted a bit crumpety, and was totally delish with vegemite and coffee. Over all, a winner, however I just don't think crumpet toast is an appropriate name since it was neither crumpety or toasty. Croast perhaps? =)

I finally have some progress shots on the "monster granny blanket", which is now looking like it will be about 96 squares (according to my 'kwack-a-lations').

Unfortunately the pic to the left there isn't showing true colours, even though I took it outside in natural light - the really dark yarn is actually purple, not blue, then there are three lighter purples and three blues - all different - and the cream.

The plan is to have a set of 6 squares in each of the possible blue/purple combination (of which you can see six there), with no two squares being the same. There will be a blue to match that dark purple too, hopefully another dark like that will bring back some balance, since I'm worried that it doesn't quite fit, with the other colours being so pale.

Also fitting the new and blue theme tonght was tv - with the Australia premier of Ugly Betty, and the first new season 3 episode of Grey's Anatomy.

Hmm, I'm not quite sure about Betty yet. I had a definate cheesy movie feel to it, and to be honest I was a bit disappointed.

As for Grey's, well... I'm fairly newly converted, since about the last five episodes of last season (having only seen little bit and pieces before that). When season 1 was on sale I decided to get it and catch up and really enjoyed it. (I bought season 2 last week - so I still have about 15 episodes worth of catching up to do!)

But I have to admit that I find watching it can be pretty emotional (hence the blue).
You know, all these bad things happen to the characters and even though they're doctors there's nothing they can do to stop it. I guess having lost the Boy's mum so recently really highlights the reality of that fact - that sometimes bad stuff happens to people you really care about and its not 'going to be ok', and there's just nothing you can do to fix it for them.

Anyway, I do enjoy Grey's - it also makes me laugh. Seriously, for a main character Meredith totally gets the lamest, cheesiest story lines! (well, except the stuff about her mum) - everyone else seems to be dealing with these super deep issues, but for Meredith after two years it's still about whether she should be on or off with McDreamy!

The past week or so have been kind of weird weather-wise in Canberra.
We seem to have this constant threat of storm, thunder rumbling and all, with very little actual action. (check out some of the impressive storm clouds gathering pics Bertie has captured throughout the week!)

The combination of seeing other people's gorgeous photos, and the feed-back on what I've posted on flickr has got me quite inspired to work on my photographic technique.

So when we actually saw a few sprinkles of rain today I took advantage of the chance to practise some out-door photography, as you can see there.

Looking at those rain-drops makes me feel kind of refreshed.
Hope your weekend has been refreshing too!

besos =)

btw, that other pic is progress on the red and blue project of mystery. I know it's still top secret and all, but I'm just so pleased with how the pattern is coming out I couldn't resist sharing =)

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  1. Hey Kuka,

    Glad to hear everything's going well, and that you survived your brush with death :)
    Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet up while you were in Melbourne.
    Guess what?..I finally got off my lazy ass, and posted..not once, but TWICE! Once at Roadkill, and once at my own, relatively-neglected Blog..and I promise this is the start of a new me, complete with time to blog.
    Speak to you soon


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