Saturday, November 17, 2007

Several thousand words

We're having a loverly, laid-back weekend here chez Kuka et Boy, complete with coffee and brownies (recipe here if you're interested) on the balcony, after a reasonably busy week.

My big excitement for the week has been starting back at the gym (ok, there may appear to be some irony associated with that statement coming right after the moist chocolately goodness above. Whatever =p ).
For a number of months I went regularly, and really enjoyed it, before injuring my ankle about this time last year.
For a long time after it was 'better' I was really nervous about doing too much and hurting it again, and I guess by the time I got over that we were in the middle of cold dark winter.
I decided that I would start again as soon as daylight saving time started, but delayed by two weeks on account of the gym being closed for refurbishment.

Imagine my delight when I arrived on Monday afternoon to see that refurbishment included all new machines.
Machines each with their own personal tvs.
TVs which have the W channel.
The W channel that shows OPRAH EVERY AFTERNOON AT 5:25!!!!!
So, guess where you can find me at 5:25 every afternoon hehe
(and yes I spent the rest of the week counting down the minutes to when I would next get to 'work-out with Oprah' hehe)

Tuesday was the annual VIP night at David Jones, AKA the night of feeding my desire to have pretty shiny things of the Georg Jensen variety.

That's my new GJ salt cellar there - pretty =)
I also bought some candle holders that I had seen in Denmark, but not bought on account of them being heavy-ish for luggage.
I imagine they'll pop up here before too long too. =)

My garden is coming along nicely - I was nervous about how it would handle a few days in a row of warm-ish weather, but so far it seems ok.
As well as a couple of strawberries a week, and the cherry tomatoes pictured, my dwarf bean and snow pea plants are growing like crazy, and the geraniums are flowering all over the place.
(Actually, re geraniums, I'm going to put a shout out to all my fellow SnBers, if anyone planning to go to SnB tomorrow has a red or white geranium and could spare a cutting or two I'd be really grateful - mine have all come from two plants both of which are pink and I'd love a red and a white plant =))

Tonight we had great evening out for dinner (and some chilli hot choccy goodness at Koko Black) with a friend of the Boy.
When we walked through Garema Place "The Birds" was showing (eeek creepy) on the big screen, and we saw signs saying that next Saturday they are showing "Night At The Museum."
I'm not sure if its just a November thing (this was the first we knew of it, and I'm not sure there has been much advertising), but if anyone is interested there is a little more info here.
Tonight was certainly perfect weather for it!!!

In socky news, I am almost finished (the pic is a couple of days old now) my first.
I'm sure I would be finished days ago if it weren't for the fact that I stop approximately every 17 stitches to marvel at the fact I made my knitting go around a corner!!! teehee

Wishing everyone an equally relaxing weekend, and hope to see some of my local SnB friends tomorrow!!!!

besos =)


  1. Oh i love that salt cellar! If I didn't have nigella one already, I'd love that one!

    I have what I think is a red geranium but I can't be sure. It's in full flower and I'm not sure if it's closer to red or pink. I'll take a photo this morning and send it to you. then I'll bring it to SnB if it's the one you're after. I'll be there.

  2. Glad you've pushed past your "ankle fear" and the gym has found the perfect motivator for you ;)


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