Saturday, November 10, 2007


I really don't know what to say about JT.
Except that he was *amazing*.

The set up was perfect for a stadium gig (but hard to photograph) - with one big round stage in the centre of the arena.
That's JT there in the bottom left.

Curving to the left and the right from where he's standing are bars!!
As in, buy a chardie, have JT dance on the bar Coyote-style (well, not exactly) kinda bars! Too cool!!

Back towards the centre of the stage the keyboard guys are set up, with the drummers in the same place on the other side, they were on little platforms that rolled out towards the audience at place during the performance.
In the middle of the stage was a circular platform which would sink down into the stage and come back with the piano on, and then slowly rotate while JT played piano for some songs.

Like I said, the show was amazing.
It was so high-energy the whole way through.
I know lots of people have JT written off as 'just a pop singer'.
Mentioning that I had tickets or had been to the concert, I got that same kind of feeling from people as if I mention that I knit (I'm sure I would get that same reaction if I told them that the Yarn Harlot had invited me over for SnB - "hey, that's greeeaaat B" - now where's the nearest exit?!), you know, except I guess 'pop' puts me in the pre-teen group rather than with the knitting grannies.
I think its a pity that so many people seem to have that attitiude here in Australia, and, from my experience, it really is worse here than overseas.

For me, this concert really showcased JT as the musician he is.
Though-out the show, as well as singing, he played electric piano, guitar, synth and keytar(!!), beat-boxed and showed off his smooth dance moves.

There is quite a lot of diversity in the sounds on his album, and he really seems to love trying different things and gets a kick out of collaborating with other musicians - like Timbaland, Clipse, the Neptunes and, yes, even Duran Duran!

Really, he just came across as being passionate about music and performing.
And, true to interviews I've seen with him on TV, he came across as being a genuine nice guy.
I don't know - maybe I'm gushing ;)

Here's what The Age had to say about the Melbourne concert

And he'll be on Rove on Sunday see what you think. =)

In short, the second he's here again I'm there.
Bar-side tickets for sure!!!

besos =)


  1. You had me at keytar ;)

    5 years ago I would've totally denied any chance that I'd ever enjoy JT, but he definitely has some catchy material, and just as clearly loves what he does. Which makes him all right in my book.

  2. Weeeelllll.....put me in the 'I don't get it category' but I was really, really happy for you because I love it when people are excited about music. I've been excited for gigs that no one around me could give a toss about and it's a wee bit lonely.

    JT gives me the heebie geebies - I think I was just a bit old for the NKOTB thing and now feel a just a wee bit old for the JT thing. But I have no doubt he's really, really good at what he does! And I'm happy you had such a great time.

    Did I manage to say this without sounding patronising? I really wanted to avoid that!

  3. hey no - I know everyone likes different stuff - not getting is fine, indifference is fine, its just the Aussie tendancy for ignorant rubbishing that gets me down sometimes =S

    We've got a kind of mixed bag short term gig future actually - Elton John soon then hopefully Bon Jovi and KD Lang in the first part of the new year - gotta expect a hit and miss reaction from aroud but I'm sure we'll have a great time at all of them! =D

  4. JT does nothing for me, I'm afraid. But I really hope I didn't give you that look/reaction when you said you were going to see him. As someone who can happily go on a three-day Bee Gees or Robbie Williams bender, I don't have a leg to stand on. (and yes I like the Bee Gee's daggy 80's and 90's stuff not just the cool 70's.)

  5. I found JT very pop at one time too - when he released his first album after N*Sync. I bought it, and probably still have it, but it was... well, pop.

    He's grown a LOT since then, and his new album is simply amazing. As you say, it seems he loves playing around with rhythm, lyrics, beats, etc. :) It's a treat for the ears, and absolutely worthy to shake your booty to. ;)

    Glad you enjoyed the concert!


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