Sunday, October 12, 2008

A hairy house guest

The Boy and I are currently entertaining a houseguest (or, perhaps it's more correct to say, he's entertaining us)

This bundle of beige fur is staying with us for three weeks while his family are on holidays in Canada (hi guys!)

I'm pleased to report he has settled in very well, and his behaviour has been impeccable.

We don't see much of him at all during the day - he has found himself a couple of excellent, quiet and sunny sleeping spots for the daylight hours.

He comes out for a chat in the evening, then sleeps most of the night on our bed - very hyggelig

I'm not quite sure what it is he wants me to know about 4:15am, which he wakes me up for every morning, but I guess we've got two more weeks to find out... ;o)


  1. Interesting link!

    I usually interpret our cat's 4am meowling as "I'm hungry". To which, I think to myself as I roll over, "too bad". (I am a mean mommy!)

  2. Just like our little kitty! She wakes us up every morning with a jaunty biting of the ankles...
    Thanks for commenting on my blog.


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