Friday, October 17, 2008

the pinch

It's all over the papers - everybody is feeling 'the pinch' of the financial meltdown.

Perhaps especially Australian knitters, who have become accustomed to buying yarn (ooh, and please don't even mention the books!!) at 'bargain' prices, thanks to the recent relative strength of our dollar - heck, they were talking about parity with the US dollar by the year's end!

Now that, in the matter of weeks, the Aussie dollar has dropped something like a third of its value, such reckless spending has had to come to an abrupt end.

So, I'd thought I'd share two of my tips to help you get through the pain of the 'oh! new yarn!' withdrawal period.

1) Generous friends
In the past few weeks I've been lucky enough to have been gifted the gorgeous yarns in the photos here - 2 skeins of the most beautiful sunny gold squishy 9difficult to photograph!)Cascade 220, and one of this divinely soft lolly pink and orange Lucca Fino (I bought a purple skein when I was Denmark last year, and I could barely stop myself from loading up with one skein in each colourway - it is truly the most amazing yarn I have ever met!)

Thanks you guys - I adore them both! xo

2) Shop Bendy Woolen Mills
Always good value anyway, and if its on sale (is there a sale on? I heard there was a sale...)- even better!
I burned a (teeny tiny - really!) bit of plastic here last night.
mmm cotton...


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  1. We're definitely feeling this too. Yarn and books definitely used to be cheap when ordered from America, but not anymore! I am starting to limit my yarn purchases to local and British stores - our 'relationship' with the pound is like it's always been, a bit cheaper perhaps, so that's good.

    And I'm glad you liked the Lucca Fino! :) I am going to a sale in Kolding soon at the manufacturer's warehouse - I am SO going to stock up on both the Lucca and the Fino. It makes amazing hats, mitts, scarves... and I think it might make great sweaters, too! And it's so affordable for such generous yardage.

    Love the yellow in that picture - I've been obsessed with golds lately myself! :)


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