Saturday, October 18, 2008

my place, my flowers

Today for the time since we moved (with the exception of the primulas I've had inside for weeks) I was able to bring in big beautiful flowers from my very own garden!

Those irises are growing thick and fast along the front fence, and the back fence too.

Here they are posing, freshly cut, in the front garden - next to the greenhouse.

This is perhaps my favourite place in our garden, at the moment.
I adore the wisteria - the one purple and the other white with just the slightest tine of pink to it - and banksia rose is amazing - it seemed to erupt into a mass of golden flowers in a matter of days, covering the whole fence.



  1. So much spring goodness! So lovely. Someone has done a great job on your garden before your arrival and you get to watch it all unfold. Love it.!

  2. Your garden really is wonderful - I love the wisteria especially - just divine!

  3. how lucky are you - and isn't it wonderful to see it all appearing as the seasons come?

  4. Oh I love that wisteria too! What a delightful garden!!

  5. Those flowers are lovely. We looked at a house on the weekend that had a beautiful flowering garden, and sadly I was scared that it would all just decline if we bought that house. I am so not a gardener! (K is a bit mroe inclined that way but has no time)


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