Wednesday, October 22, 2008

turning point

My Southern Summer of Socks knitting has gotten well underway this week.
I've started with the top-down baby socks, in the red/rainbow Cleckheaton Merino Bambino - oh so squimooshy!

This morning, on the bus, I turned the heel on the first sock.

I haven't had heaps of sock knitting experience, having only knitted a handfull of pairs, and wondered today if the magic of turning a heel ever wears off?

It's just amazing - that with a few geniously place stitches all of a sudden you're knitting has gone around the corner!

And each time I've done it I've looked at the pattern and said
"No. Really? You want me to k2tog right there? No. That'll never work. You're mad, seriously. Are there errata for this pattern?"
and so on.
Then, on following these crazy instructions, lo and behold the pattern was right after all!
And hey, check it out, my knitting has gone around the corner!

Absolute bloody genius!


  1. Well Done! Yay! The ONE time I turned a heel I too was amazed - it is rather cool, and I hear rather addictive.....

  2. Oh I wish I'd caught the bus yesterday so I could have seen the great moment. I never get over it. Ever.

  3. They look great, I still haven't started my first sock project, but maybe I should take a leaf out of your book and make some very small ones first.....I do have a 12 month old whose feet aren't very big :-)

  4. I agree - turning a heel is always magical!

  5. Oh, that's excellent! I can guarantee you will feel just as excited the second time, and the 10th time, and the 30th time!


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