Friday, October 24, 2008


The past two days I've been on a training course for work.
There has been lots of discussion about different personality types (yep,good old Myers Briggs... again) and work styles, and the things that people fin motivating or frustrating in the work place.

You would not believe the blank stares I got when I said that I was frustrated by hyperlogicality -
I think that's a perfectly reasonable word!

I'm planning a long weekend this week - we bought a bbq and outdoor furniture setting during the week, so I have to be home to receive the delivery on Monday - really, what a drag ;o)

The flower here is another from the garden - remember my lovely climbing roses and archway at the side of the house? Have a look now..

It isn't very clear in the photo, but both are covered in tiny buds, ready to burst into pale pink blooms.

What a difference 8 weeks makes!

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  1. Those roses are going to be amazing when they bloom!
    Moving from QLD and actually being sane enough to take notice of this spring it really is amazing to see the real change of seasons. At 'home' it just moves from one sort of heat to another.


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