Saturday, October 11, 2008

stitchy progress and pastry lust

Yesterday, as Bells worked on her gorgeous green pi blanky, I stitched away on my cross stitch.

those are rum & caramel creme filled dark chocolate turtles there with the tarts - gosh I love them!!
tak Trine!!! ;o)

We had breakfast with the Boy's dad this morning, at Zucchero in Manuka.
They have they most amazingly beautifully presented cakes and tarts there - does anyone know if they taste as good as they look?
Is it worth my while to head over there for afternoon tea next weekend?
(actually, I think it's nearly worth my while just so can take a photo to show you, and for inspiration later ;o))
Oh, and the poached eggs were very tasty...

And, just in case anyone hasn't seen the ads, Spotlight have got 20% off everything (even sale stock!) tomorrow! (not that I would try to enable anyone, but, you know, I'd go if it wasn't for work (mmm fabric!)... just let me live vicariously through you, ok?



  1. you are too too mean showing all these sweet delights all the time!! And yarn enabling as well! Lucky there's no Spotlight near me in the city tomorrow!

  2. i don't know of this place in Manuka. And it sounds like I'm better off not knowing.

    It's a good thing I don't have the car tomorrow or I'd suggest we leave work early and head to QBN before SnB!


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