Thursday, August 20, 2009

Supervised creative space

On the weekend I treated myself to a brand new rotary cutter, and put it straight to work cutting some cheap flannelette sheets into squares:

I have plans for these guys to get together with the sewing machine this weekend (if it has time in between sewing of my pockety skirt!!) =)


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  1. Is the Jinx Cat helping at all? Threading needles? Attaching your 1/4 inch foot to your machine?

  2. what a cool cat for help! the blue is divine

  3. Your stacks of neatly cut squares look fabulous.

  4. Love your creative space - looks like a great project for the weekend. Your kitty-cat makes it look very cosy too :)

  5. Love the blue..hope you get a chance to sew it up!! Cute cat, gotta love how they are such know it alls :P


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