Sunday, August 23, 2009


Brown Owls was lots of fun today!
Freezer paper stencilling was super easy, and people got really professional looking results - you can see what we got up to over at the Brown Owls member blog =)

I stencilled a cheap plain calico bag I had lying about at home - I have future plans for this little cat stencil, and I wanted to give it a trial run first.

Of course, only some of the fun of Brown Owls is in the crafting - the chatting and the treats everyone brings along are worth it own their own =)

This month I made these shortbread buttons, straight out of the Women's Weekly Cookies cookbook - delish =)

I'm looking forward to next month already =)



  1. I love that cat and it does look like it was great fun - I am so sad I missed it -and get this - the word verification is pubdo!

  2. How cute are those button biccies. Perfect for a crafternoon!

  3. I thought the Coraline inspired shortbreads were fabulous. I wish I'd had more than one!

    It was such a nice afternoon. Cheered me up no end.

  4. Aren't those button just the cutest thing


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