Sunday, March 04, 2012

Cake Sunday

Maybe you've seen over at Suzy's that she's been baking along for cake Friday, which lives over at My Tiny Plot. This weekend I couldn't resist having cake Sunday!

Would you believe I hardly ever make actual cakes? In fact, I had to make this one square because I don't even own a decent round cake tin!

I spent most of yesterday flicking through recipe books, and googling about the nets trying to decide what to make. When I saw Claus Meyer has a new cook book out - all about cakes - I decided it must be a sign, and picked this Mandel-citruskage (almond citrus cake) from the recipes on his website.

The recipe doesn't include flour (but does use day-old bread), and is one of those delicious recipes where, once cooked, you poke holes in the top and pour a syrup over. We enjoyed it with a cup of coffee and the lovely sunshine that arrived late this afternoon. Just quietly, it was pretty tasty.

I love the Meyers Bageri book, and I absolutely must get my hands on this new one!! =)


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  1. That looks sooo yummy, and the book - fantastic! I'm posting cake friday, done on a sunday on tuesday if that makes sense! ha.


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