Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Boiling point

On Monday I went to the doctor for a routine prescription renewal.
While I was there he checked my blood pressure, and found it was 155/88 (as a healthy 25 year old it really shouldn't be more than 125/80).
I've never had a reading anything like that high, and he said it may have been a 'one off', or 'white coat syndrome' (ie when people are in a doctors office they become nervous and can give a false high reading), or more likely its a result of some increased stress of late. (I suggested it might be because Monday is verdict night on Australian Idol, but i'm not sure he went for that).
So now I have to get my sister (sister sister - she's a nurse) to check it for me when I visit next week, and then go back to see him about two weeks after that to have it read again to see if there really is a problem or whether it was just that day (lucky he didn't read it at 8:20pm on Monday when Ricky was in the bottom three!)

In the mean time I'm not really sure what I'm sure what to do to help, but I'm pretty sure I know what wont help -

BUS STRIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

oooh yes (bertie can especially understand the special relationship i have with the providers of public transport in our lovely city)
There I am running out the door at 8:01am, having poured half of my Irish breakfast tea down the sink in order to get to the bus stop in time.
I did suspect that i may simply have been late, as a number of my regular co-commuters were absent.
But if I was late, then there were three other girls at the same stop who had also been trying to fill in that top left corner of the sudoko before they left the house.
And about a dozen at the stop a little further up the street.

It was when the following bus, due a half hour later, didn't arrive that we became suspicious.
Then someone had a call from a friend who had heard on the radio that there would be 'disruptions to services'.
Now, I understand that sometimes unions feel strike is a powerful tool in the resolution of conflict, but in these kind of industries YOU NEED TO LET THE PUBLIC KNOW!!!

So now I'm back home waiting (buses MAY be back in 'action' (well, 'inaction' tends to be a more apt description) at 9:30) and employing on of my best stress relieving techniques - listening to JT and mainstreaming caffeine

besos =)


  1. For lowering blood pressure - salt down, exercise up. As flagged in one of my blog posts, that seems to have worked for me (as an unhealthy 32 year old :)

    As for the buses, my sympathies, and I've never been so glad for my Wed off. Someone called into JJJ at about 8am that there was a bus strike, which may have been too late for me had I been heading in to work. Since I watch/listen to zero news I always expect the strikes to be a surprise to me, although they're rarely (never?) in peak time up to now.

  2. Well, this is the weird thing hey - three months ago i was 9kg heavier and did not much exercise at all, compared to gyming 3 times now =S


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