Take it easy Tuesday

After a busy couple of weeks, the guy and I declared today "take it easy Tuesday" - we both took leave and spent the day at home together watching tv and eating waffles.

There is just one rule for take it easy Tuesday - you can only do fun things. Hexies definitely qualify!
Over the last week I've done lots of cutting hexies for my hexy MF quilt and basting them on to their papers.

Today I took advantage of the day on the couch to sew up a couple more sets into hexy flowers. This is number 8 - I'm determined to make it to double hexy figures tonight!

All we need now is our homemade pizza dinner and maybe a movie on the tv for a perfect day! =)



  1. I love those little stacks of hexagons, all waiting to be joined together!! Tomorrow I'm starting a Dresden plate!!

  2. Take it Easy Tuesday sounds like such a great idea. Glad you had a good day!


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