I spent most of last week in Sydney for work. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with travelling for work - it's exciting, then the reality of the work part hits (not to mention the inevitable super early morning flight).

sydney morning

But once I'm there I generally really enjoy it - I feel pretty lucky to work somewhere that I find just as exciting after 6 years as when I first started, and even more so that I work with people who are fun to spend time with when the work parts of the trip are done.


I took some hexies with me for sewing, and even though I didn't get blog my creative space during the week I did photograph it for later =)
hexies in the hotel

Here are the hexies spread out on the bed - choosing the centres is fun but always tricky!

If you can stand it pop back in the next day or so for a proper hexy update =)



  1. I love that last photo - it's like you've got colourful little fried eggs on your bed!


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