It has been a gloomy, wintry weekend here!
This is what we got up to...

Suzy's WWKIP get together on Saturday was brilliant.
A Bite to Eat is really a great cafe - the food is amazing, the seats coomfy-cosy, and the hot chocolate comes in a bowl (what more could you ask for?!)

Brown Owls was a lot of fun too - it was great to see everyone's hexies in progress, and also to hear how people were planning to use them.
Here's some of my hexy progress from today:

I was really unsure about that diamond-y fabric - as a print I wasn't that keen on it, but fussy cut like that and all around the centre hex it actually looks really cool!

There'll be a wrap-up from the Brown Owls meeting with loads of photos on the members blog soon.

In weekendy kitchen news, I'm back on the gingerbread - I just love it. I used this same recipe from last year - so spicey and delicious!
We gave the slow cooker a rest this weekend, but we did try out two recipes from the Sally Wise book last weekend - a bolognese sauce made from steak, rather than mince (we mexicanised it and had it in tacos) and thai chicken curry which was my FAVOURITE from the book so far.

Hope your weekend was wonderful too!



  1. Exactly. Hit chocolate in a bowl, is there anything more required? Thxfor coming along


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