Sunday, June 24, 2012

In June I am reading...

June is a pretty crazy month for me work-wise - I work with a committee that meets 3 times a year, at the start of a month, and we spend until the very end of the month scrambling to get everything written up. June is one of those months. I actually really love the work, but the full-on writing and revising (and re-writing and re-revising) doesn't leave much energy at the end of the day for reading.

So June is perhaps more of a 'this month I am perusing' time.
Frustrated with the lack of decent bookshops in Canberra, a couple of weeks ago I placed a fairly indulgent order with one of the online book joints. Everything arrived last week - since then I've enjoyed a look through them with my cup of tea each night.

Here's what I got...

Shape Workshop (by the guys at Fat Quarterly)
 Fresh Fabric Treats (by the guys at Moda Bake Shop)

Jelly Roll Inspirations (by Pam and Nicky Lintott)


Jelly Babies (from That Patchwork Place)

So much beautiful inspiration!
Looking at these gorgeous books over and over (and over), and matching up patterns with my quilting fabric stash is just exactly what I need after long work days at the moment!

And I have my next 'proper' read lined up for when I recover from this busy time - today I picked up a copy of Wolf Hall, which Jo recommended at Brown Owls last week. Michelle was saying good things about it last month too (in fact, I've heard only good things about this book) so am looking forward to reading it myself!


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  1. Looks like you scored some lovely books. Hope you enjoy Wolf Hall.

  2. Snap! Looks like it was the day for book club posts! I am sure you will enjoy Wolf Hall. I just got the Fat Quarterly Retreat issue- it has a Union Jack cushion pattern I am keen on!

  3. Ohh... envious of your reading list!

    Can't wait to see what quilting and hexie magic you come up with!

    Enjoy Wolf Hall - I couldn't get in to it when I first picked it up, maybe I should have another crack.


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