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Michelle was kind enough tolend me her rotisoboard (round spinny cutting board thing) for the week, so I've been making the most of it be cutting out a bunch of hexies for my hexy MF quilt.

(also, I just installed instagram on my iPhone so have been playing with the photo editing!)

Some of them I have cut willy-nilly as far as the print is concerned - just making sure to use the least fabric - others have been cut carefully (like making the stripes run top to bottom)  or even fussy cut (to put the checks, coloured diamonds or flowers in the centre.

I might have said this already, but each flower I sew up is my new favourite - even the ones that I make from fabrics that I wasn't sold on to start of with. The ones with geometric/stripey prints are probably my least favourite just as a length of fabric, but particularly cool sewn up into flowers - that orange one with the check in the middle is going to look amazing!

I have 5 flowers finished so far (remember, the hexy MF quilt uses 74!), with 15 more cut out - I think I'll do some basting over the next few nights (it is surprisingly therapeutic!)

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  1. Lovely collection of hexies. And that is some word in your title!

  2. When I read you'd added instagram, I went to follow you immediately, but you beat me to it :) Looking forward to even more photos!

    1. you snooze you lose old man ;o)
      I love your photos - you take some amazing ones when you're out and about =)

  3. Hexagons make every print look better.

    Dude - it's a retreat of hexaholics here. Cathy and I went around the room this afternoon and counted at least 10 EPPers. I know more are coming out of the closet tomorrow. Shall take photos to share!!


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