Wednesday, June 22, 2011


As well as the fun stuff in yesterday's post, I've been sticking to my cookbook challenge too - so today I've got a couple of Jamie's 30 minute meals to share with you today =)

This is my favourite of the recipes I've cooked so far - Moroccan lamb chops (our butcher does the best lamb!) with flatbreads, herby couscous and stuffed peppers

I loved the pomegranate drink too - but it was super messy!

I have never used a pomegranate before - my kitchen looked like a CSI crime scene by the time I got the juice all out! haha

Chicken skewers with amazing satay sauce and fiery noodle salad

This was ok, but I didn't think the sauce was that amaizing - maybe my little blender didn't make it smooth enough? Noodles were delish though! This was probably the quickest dish to make - athough putting the chicken on the skewers took quite a while (I tried Jamie's method of lining up the chicken and putting the skewers through before cutting the chicken up, but the chicken bits I had were too fat for that!)

Steak Indian-Style with spinach & paneer salad and naan bread

This was yummy - we love a spinach/beef/pan-fried cheese kinda salad - but the house smelled like curry for days haha. This was pretty quick too!

I think overall the meals I tried were fun and tasty, but I didn't manage the time limit yet - which isn't really a big deal (Jamie says it will take practice!), except there are loads of dishes I make that are also super tasty and that I can do in less than 30 minutes. The other drawback I found is that there are so many bits and pieces with each meal that I found the shopping got a bit expensive.

There are a bunch more recipes in the book I still want to try, so there will certainly be more Jamie in my kitchen! If you're keen to try some of the recipes too quite a few are available on the website! And if you have tried any I'd love to hear what you thought!

Next up I'm tackling some recipes from Sally Wise's Leftover Makeovers - I've cooked a bunch of Sally's recipes before, so I can't wait to try out these new ones!

Happy cooking xo


  1. I'm a bit dubious about his 30 minutes. Maybe if everything is pre-prepared by a kitchen assistant beforehand ha ha!

  2. That lamb looks delish!! I'm a big fan of lamb - just not of the price for it!!
    Your photos are all so great - looks like a very gourmet house to belong to ;-)

  3. yum! I think my husband might want to move to your house for that spread! a bit too much macaroni cheese here for his liking:)



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