Sunday, May 09, 2010


One of my excellent birthday pressies this year from my family was a slow cooker - this 5 litre guy from Breville

We picked it up this arvo, along with Slow Cooker, by the ABC's Sally Wise.

I bought A Year in a Bottle, by the same author, earlier in the year, and found that as well as being full of great recipes, it is a great resource for bottling in general. So, I'm really looking forward to cooking from this one too!

And to kick-start my relationship with the newest kitchen friend, I'm making Slow Cooker my cook book of the month - pop back every week or so to see how I go with the recipes, starting tomorrow with some very fine lamb shanks =)


(ooh, I know, I missed 2 months - March was crazy, then I had every intention of baking a recipe a week from the Essential Baking Cookbook for April, and had even started with the Hot Cross Buns, then I found myself ovenless for the rest of the month =( But in May, it is back on!)


  1. That is a very swish slow cooker! I'm sure you'll have fun trying out all the new recipes!

    I have one of the 'old school' Monier ones with a heavy ceramic insert, which used to belong to my aunt, I think.

    I recently bought the "Slow Cooker" cookbook by Jane Price, in the Kitchen Classics series, and have been happy with the few recipes I've tried so far.


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