Sunday, June 26, 2011


It has been cold here the last few weeks, and that along with the passing of the winter solstice has me all thinking about our winter holiday.

I haven't had much time until this weekend to have a good look at Mum's photos since I copied them over to my computer when I was visiting for birthdays in April, but I came across this one tonight, and I think it is so lovely that I just had to share

I think one of the best things about travelling as we did during the middle of winter was getting to see what is hidden when the all plants are fully clothed - the tiny twisted branches on this one are a perfect example of that.

I really haven't shared nearly enough pics from our trip here on the blog yet, but I'm feeling rather nostalgic for Denmark and our holiday just now, so hopefully I'll get some more up soon.



  1. Nice photo! You can feel all nostalgic over my Danish yarn when it arrives in the next few days too if you like!

  2. Oh, lovely photo. That's one thing I like about Canberra in winter - seeing the denuded trees all bleak and beautiful.

    I've often posted travel stories and photos long after the event - bring it on!


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