Monday, June 27, 2011


I've had a bit of a clean up of the blog today - what do you think?

Other things I did on my day off...
- ironed all the fabrics I washed on the weekend in preparation for selecting and cutting squares for the Country Time quilt (some of them are on the clothes-horse there)

- made Country Chicken soup in my slow cooker for dinner later in the week

- watched a good chunk of season 1 of Bones

- been sat on by cats

- organised a gardener to come around next week and give our front yard a severe cutting back

- made rocky road for the first time - I used this recipe, but used raspberry lollies instead of cherries, and shortbread instead of milk coffee biscuits, and added coconut. Also, I added sprinkles, just because I love sprinkles.

A day well spent, I think =)



  1. Loving your new little cupboard!! Sounds like a super productive day off too ;-)

  2. Ahh love Bones!
    I'm eyeing off that little white cabinet too - how cute.

  3. A very productive day! I love clothes horses or clotheslines full of washed fabric. Your fabrics look great.


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