Last weekend we popped down to Melbourne for a few days to celebrate my sister's wedding.
It was an amazing, gorgeous, wonderful (and hot! 35ishC!!) day.

I have 3 younger sisters and we're all pretty crafty/creative.
Steph is the cross-stitch champion in the family, so when I came across a super cute pattern for a wedding sampler at Little Dove Designs on etsy I knew I wanted to make it for her =)

Of course this is the secret stitchy project I've been working on the last month or so, and the 2nd finished project for March (as alluded to here =))
Unfortunately the colours haven't come out very well in this photo - in real life the pinky reds and greens are much more vibrant!
All in all I think this turned out pretty cute, and the newly weds both seemed to like it too =)


ps - this is the boot of mum's car the morning after the wedding - stuffed with gorgeous flowers!
We put them everywhere in Steph's houses, and there were still enough for people to take bunches home! Beautiful!!


  1. Sounds lovely. I love your dress (and the brides of course)!


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