Saturday, August 18, 2007

waffling on

On Thursday evening I had a sudden undeniable desperate urge for waffles.
(I blame the Yarn Harlot.)

There was nothing to do but give in, so yesterday afternoon (incidentally, right after having a chat with my doctor about my BMI...) I used the remainder of my birthday gift voucher from Mum to buy my very own waffle maker.

And after a delicious breakfast (the Boy and I have a great tradition of having a super breakfast together every Saturday morning) of waffles and strawberries I have no doubt that it was the right decision and that we're going to be great friends! =)

Aaah it took me right back to the streets of Ghent - where Mum and I bought crisp fresh waffles in the street mmmmm

(Isn't it amazing how food can transport you like that? On Thursday a baguette, two slices of ham and a slab of brie took me on a picnic in the shadow of the Eiffel tower...)

In knitting news I'm up to the 12th repeat (of about 20, I think) of the Dayflower scarf - Shannon has dusted off one she had hibernating to join us on this one too =).

I managed to convince the Lions corazon mittens to behave themselves, and J-Mo was very pleased when I gave them to her over chilli hot chocolate and a Belgian Spoil (mmmm doesn't it look delish? It was!!)yesterday.

I'll post mitteny a pic and stats tomorrow =)

besos =)


  1. Yes I know what you mean about certains tastes (and smells, and sounds) being transportational. Great photos with this post!

  2. My lovely MIL gave a fabulous waffle iron a few years back (hauled all the way ove from germany - these things weigh about 5 kgs!!!)- I love it! So easy and very impressive, not mention yum-o-rama. Will send you my warm cherry sauce recipe!

    Yay for the Dayflower - youre nearly there!

  3. oooh yummy. I've ever owned a waffle iron - CLEARLY a major oversight!!


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