Friday, April 27, 2007

wok 'n' roll

It was my birthday on Wednesday! =)

I had a fabulous day
- starting with a divine breakfast (mmm french toasty strawberry mapley goodness!) with J-Mo, to dinner with T & N, to the premium cinema experience with the boy - it was all good =)

And on Thursday at work there was cake!

Mum had asked me what I might like present-wise, so I have to admit I wasn't super surprised(super excited though =)) to unwrap the essential wok cook book.

The essential cookbooks are excellent.
Betty bought me the essential baking cookbook for Christmas, (as I may have metionedonce or twice before) and I was so impressed I also bought the essential asian cookbook

I wasn't, however, expecting the little surprise that came in the post with my birthday card last night - a Myer voucher so I could buy myself an electric wok!!!

I went in and picked one out tonight, and even got an extra 10% off the price (on account of the Myer stores in Canberra currently having a sale whereby public servants save a further 10% on any purchase!)

Its so nice =)
Smooth shiny 'quantanium' (oooh yes - it sounds like something the Mythbusters would try to blow up ;))
It's really big, and heats up qickly, retaining the heat really well - mmm sizzle sizzle

Tonight I made a beef, snowpea and capsicum stirfry, using 3 out of the at least 12 distinct types of capsicum know to mankind (according to chairman Kaga, at least) =)

The essential wok cookbook is no exception to the quality of the other essential cookbooks I have tried.
At the start of the book there is a comprehensive section on the ingredients, tools and techniques relevant to wok cooking.
The recipes covered include everything from soups to curries and stirfries, deepfrying and steaming to yum cha (can't wait to try out some of those ones!)
mmmmmmmmmm delish!!!

wishing you a wokin' weekend =)

btw, I'm hoping to post some squirrelly pics tomorrow - I'm just up to the start of the snowflakey section, after making some progress (and receiving some moral squirrel support from Bells, Liv, Meg and Jacqui at Tilley's on Thursday night...) =)

Oooh, and, FYI, the Knitty surprises (knitted umbrella anybody? are out - just incase they slipped by anyone =)


  1. Oh exciting gifts! I have the essential dessert book, which I love. I had no idea there was such a range of them. I'm supposed to be on a cookbook buying hiatus (a long one) but I will have to look out for the others.

    Welcome to Wok World! I love it. I would feel cast adrift at sea without my wok.

  2. Happy birthday! OOoh, I like the sound of that breakfast!

    I haven't tried that cookbook series yet - and I really need a wok, I'll have to check out the one you bought, it sounds good.

    Don't you love how Chairman Kaga grins in that evil weird way after he's bitten into the capsicum? Freaky guy, in a kind of nice way ;) I wonder how the new Iron Chef Japan is going to work out (mind you, they're all such old episodes, that you can look at web sites for the results of every battle - but that would spoil the surprise, wouldn't it).

    And yeah, loved the Knitty surprises... some nice cardigans too!


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