Thursday, August 09, 2007

200 posts - 1 stitch at a time

Knitting in the bus does occasionally draw comment from my fellow commuters.

People seem to be especially impressed by multiple needles and colours, so the dpns and 3 colours of the Lions Corazon mittens have had more than their fair share attention.

There's often a 'wow I could ever do that' from someone who has never picked up knitting needles and is simply fascinated by the fact you can make something out of a couple of sticks and some string (hey, aren't we all?)

That I can handle.

But sometimes a comment will come from someone who is obviously also a knitter.

They'll tell you all about a big, magnificent project that they're working on at home - like a cabled afghan for a kingsize bed all from 2ply (well, for example).

Then it comes: "but eeeek, colourwork! I could never work with three colours at once!! You must be sooo clever!"

What do you say???

To be honest it has just never occured to me to be afraid of my knitting.
I mean, its all just one stitch at a time, right?
I'm only ever knitting with one colour for each stitch.
And if I can do yarn-over and k2tog, there's no reason why I can't do one after the other, yeah?

(can someone please remind me of the above after I cast on for Kirri next week? thanks!)

Here's to fearless knitting!!!

besos xoxox

btw, the pics are from our train trip between Denmark and Amsterdam - Mum writing post cards is one of my fave photos from the whole trip, and the other shows my new Georg Jensen ring - we bought matching ones in Aarhhus as a special souvenir =)


  1. NICE granny square! :)

    I know what you mean about people talking abut their magnificent project and then thinking you are so clever. But you know what? You ARE clever! What they aren't telling you is that their magnificent project was started in 1972 and they had to pull it out when they realised that batwing arms were SO not fashionable, and the project has sat in sad little crinkled balls or yarn since about 1991.

  2. totally with you there. i knit a lot of stuff that people approach with fear in their eyes (lace shawls, socks, etc) and i cant get over it. i dont think i use any technique regularly that i didnt teach myself from a book, and when it comes down to it - knitting is not hard! it can be demanding on your memory or your hands or your patience or your life... but it isnt something to fear.
    thanks for posting this, been nagging at me for a while.

  3. The thing is, I remember being like that. I try and remember the first time I saw someone at SnB knitting socks. I'm sure I was all wide eyed amazement and though I longed to try it, I couldn't imagine how you would do it.

    So I try and remember that girl when someone looks at me that way and think, yeah, it does look daunting, but if you want to, you get over it.

    Gorgeous ring!

  4. Totally agree - it's just one stitch at a time, and I generally read a book, and figure out what I need to do, or have someone show me, and then just do it... I think the 'I could never do that' comments stem from a lack of self-confidence, which, let's face it, most of us have to some degree or another.

    Love the postcard photo and beautiful ring :)

    And wasn't The Eagle sad sad sad :(

  5. My fear of the seemingly complex stems from being a perfectionist - if I can't do it 120% right, Im scared to start becasue I cant bear not doing it perfectly! Yes, I know it stops me from trying heaps of things *blush*.

    But youre so right - one stitch at a time - and after all, its just knitting, not a peace negotiation!

    Gorgeous ring! And I must talk with you about borrowing those books mentioned previously.

  6. I always say I'm just good at following instructions! Make me do something without a pattern and I'm hopeless.
    Congrats on the double century!


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