Winter garden

We had such a wonderful time growing veggies over the spring and summer that I just had to plant some autumn/winter stuff too. We have all kinds of things in - lettuce, kale, fennel, spinach, silverbeet, beetroot, carrot, radishes, Asian greens, garlic, leek, and probably some other ones that aren't quite coming to mind right now. Oh! Cabbage and cauliflower and broccoli.

Anyway, we have already noticed that winter crops grow much more slow and steady than their spring/summer friends, and largely seem to look after themselves (which is lucky since on work days we're not home before dark).

 Apart from the fact that autumn was so dry and I'm not really great at remembering to water (especially when the weather isn't hot) our main battle has been with catepillars. I managed to keep them down to start off with by removing eggs, but all of a sudden a couple of weeks ago there were loads of them and quite a lot of plants have been stripped. I wonder if some of the damage might also be from possums - we have had a couple  hanging about.

In any case, our backyard remains a lovely place to hang out during the day - Amelia loves to potter about and has her own little garden to dig about and grown veggies and flowers in. I had expected rain all day today (and for the next week or so) but it has been beautiful and sunny so we have spent some time weeding, tidying up some herbs (which I was sure we're done for after being severely fried over summer but now have new little shoots on them), and blowing bubbles. 

Amelia is wearing her new fox beanie, which I made for her during no kids clothes week using the fleece hats pattern by Tidedye Diva. I adore this pattern - it is quick and easy, and I have loved every one of the (many) hats I've made from it. Amelia has asked for a dinosaur one next =)

Happy June!
Xo Bron