Friday, June 22, 2007

the funnest place in the whole wide world

I don't really know where to start with Legoland, except to say that it is both the funnest and the funniest place in the whole wide world.

While some of the people here seem to think that the price for entry is too high, once you are inside the only thing you pay for is food and lego!!

We spent a good 5 hours wandering around, and could have been there longer if it hadn't been for them closing at 6.

Ooh, and there was an incident with a lego train (hehe)

Walking past the knights' castle we decided to go in and look at what seemed to be a very popular display - there were people lined up to look at it!

It was very cool - you could see through windows like you were looking into different rooms of the castle.

There were knights feasting, the princess sleeping and the servants working in the kitchen.

A little to late, we realised that we were actually in the line for some kind of ride...

We couldn't really get out, but weren't too worried since my host father knew it was just a kind of ghost train for children.
Finally we were at the front, the train had arrived and the previous passengers hopped off.

The young man at the front with a blood nose should have been the clue that something might not quite be right.

The ghost train was very cool - we saw the torture room in the dungeon, watched the magician casting a spell and drove through a bar with some very shady looking characters, all the while my host father behind us say "oooh this is very scary" and laughing.

Suddenly we were out in the light of day and for about 90 seconds the train shot around a rollercoaster track before returning us to the castle!!!

My host mother nearly lost it!!
There were photos at the exit taken while we were on the ride - my mum, host father and I all laughing, my host mother completely white!
We had to sit down for a few minutes after that so she could recover!

The other thing that really cracked me up was that around the pirate ship they have these 'water explosion' buttons - you press then there is a loud bang and a jet of water shoots up.

My host father was standing, looking very innocent, beside one of these buttons, and pressing it as people walked past!

It was like on Keeping Up Appearances - when the dog barks at Hyacinth and she jumps into the bushes - some people nealy ended up in the next display!!

Ooooh, then there was the shopping!!!
I can't say too much, since some serious gift-type souvenir shopping went on, but believe me, there is some super cool shopping to be done in the Legoland shops!!!!


btw: That's Mary, Frederik, Ziggy and the babies - good likeness I thought!! hehe


  1. Oh what fun - thanks for taking us with you, although I'm very grateful that the rollercoaster (and it's a bit difficult to come to terms with the engineering of a LEGO rollercoaster) was virtual.

  2. Oh thanks so much for the photos and stories! I'm determined to get there one day - I think my kids are going to insist :) So glad you're having such an excellent and cool time!

  3. What a hoot! Thanks for sharing the tour. I love Mary, Fred and the kids. Its on my list of "one day" destinations too, especially now with the promise of excellent souviners.

  4. that looks awesome. I would love to go there. Did they have any really big lego creations? It sort of looks like Cockington Green only in Lego and much ... bigger and better.


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